4 Little Known Ways to Create Buzz around Your Brand

Sep 21, 2015 10:00:00 AM / by Suvi Hoikka

If you are running a business or selling products, you certainly want people to be aware of your brand or product range. However, in many cases it’s not enough that people know about your products. You have to catch their attention or make them talk about what you are offering to convince them to buy or at least remember your brand.

This is what you call “creating brand buzz.” It is about giving people a reason to talk about your brand or products. Conventionally, it is being done by advertising on TV, radio, billboards, and online. It can also be done by hosting events centered around the brand or products being promoted, all of which entail high costs. If you want to take the less expensive and easier route, consider the following little known options:


Viral Content

Many companies have tried doing this but not many consumers realize the goal of spreading these business-initiated viral social media posts or videos. Consider using social media posts or online videos to encourage people to talk about your brand. Bear in mind, though, that it’s not easy succeeding in making a post go viral. There will significantly be more misses than hits. Still, it’s worth considering this option. Just make sure that the content you are trying to make viral will promote your brand. There should be a good balance of engaging content and marketing. Once you make a post go viral, you can expect the results to be bigger than what you could imagine.

Online Forums and Comments

You can help stimulate discussions about your brand by engaging online forum and comment posters. For example, if you are promoting the latest flagship smartphone from Sony, you can visit blogs, news websites, and discussion forums to spread the news about Strategy Analytics’ report that claims that Sony’s Xperia Z5 has the best camera on a top brand smartphone. Smartphone camera comparisons are some of the topics that easily lead to heated discussions. Fans of the Samsung Galaxy flagship and iPhone will not take such a claim sitting down. Before you know it, a good number of people are already talking about the topic. The discussions can spill into Twitter and Facebook especially as blogs and websites incorporate social media in their comments sections.

Free Offers

You can also use freebies to help attract attention to your brand. Some of the best freebies you can offer are free images (useful for bloggers and online journalists), ebooks, and coupons. The coupons may not even be your coupons. You can compile little known discount coupons from various stores and give them away in exchange for something, a mention on a blog, Twitter, or Facebook post for example.

Smart Public Stunts

This could also fall under the first item on this list (viral content) but to emphasize its non-online thrust, we are putting it under a separate listing. The goal of public stunts is to solicit traditional media coverage, which anyway also leads to online and social media coverage. Public stunts could be harmless but memorable pranks that highlight your brand; something that appeal to emotions (something cause-oriented); or something plain ridiculous. A good example for this is the series of stunts by online casino GoldenPalace.com. The company successfully created buzz when, among others, it paid for a man’s forehead to serve as an ad space, when it bought a partly eaten sandwich for $28,000, and when it offered $25,000 for a man’s kidney stone to be auctioned for charity.

These brand buzz creation options have been tried and tested by many companies. They cost significantly cheaper compared to traditional advertising. Be reminded however that they require creative thinking and a good sense of timing to yield the best possible results.

Suvi Hoikka
Suvi Hoikka

Suvi Hoikka is Editor-in-Chief at FlySpaces, an online marketplace for office space. She writes about anything and everything revolving around the workspace industry. Whether it’s the coolest rooftop event spaces in Jakarta or latest trends in office space diversity, her works continue to open relevant discussions on various workspace topics around the web.