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5 Benefits of Fully Serviced Office Space

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We've always said that workspace is more than a mere location. It is an environment that inspires ideas, motivates action, and promotes growth. It becomes where your company's foundation is built, where your team is developed, and where your product or service is honed and delivered. Having a workspace that provides optimal working conditions is vital to business operations, company culture and overall success!

Perhaps it's time to consider the best of the best. Here are 5 benefits of fully serviced office spaces.

1. Immediate Availability

As serviced offices are fully furnished and fully equipped, there is little to no waiting time once you have booked your space. All utilities are already set up which means that all you have to do is move any additional equipment you may need and you can start working in your new office. 

2. Flexible Lease Terms

Serviced offices are a pay-as-you-use office. This means that you only pay for the space and time that you need and nothing extra. The flexible lease terms also means that your office will scale with the eb and flow of your business. Plus with 2019 accounting changes, flexible workspaces allow companies of various sizes to reduce their overall capital expenditure. 

3. Complete Facilities

As mentioned, serviced offices are fully equipped and fully serviced. This means that all utilities (water, electricity, internet connectivity) are included within the monthly rent, and as they are shared amongst the other tenants they are relatively cheaper than if you were renting a traditional office. They also provide printers, desks, chairs, meeting rooms, telecom services, and lounge areas to provide you with everything you would need to efficiently conduct business.

4. Prestigious Address

All serviced offices are typically located within Grade A buildings and central business districts that you can use as the official business address for your company. This will provide legitimacy and build your credibility. Plus, it saves you time from going to a post office to collect any mail you may receive. 

5. Dedicated Security and Support Staff

Another key benefit of renting a serviced office is the dedicated administrative staff that work there. They act as your secretarial staff, there to help answer any questions and to assist you with any issues you may come across. Some serviced offices also provide help with business registration and any legal documents you may need to get your business off the ground. There is also the added benefit of security so you can freely leave any valuables in your office without any worry of it getting lost. 

benefits of fully serviced office space


Overall, serviced offices provide you with all of the necessities of running your business and as they handle all the small, but important details of admin and utilities, it frees up your time to focus on running your business.

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Editor's note: this blog post has been edited and republished for accuracy and relevancy. Original publish date April 26, 2016

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