17 April 2018 Michael Wu Gunawan

6 Offices for Rent in Jakarta to Boost Your Productivity

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Kolega Private OfficeKolega Primedge, SCBD

Few people would deny that working from an office with a scenic view is better than staring down four walls or a construction site. It is no secret that the quality of our environment has an impact on our personal well being, but let’s get down to brass tacks.

Researchers were able to demonstrate that people living in more scenic areas are happier than those who aren't. A recent study shows that exposure to nature lowers stress levels and affects perception as well as behavioral traits (motivating people to engage in outdoor activities). Researcher Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe believes that the implication on a business setting is robust considering people spend a considerable amount of their time at work, there is a good chance that the aesthetics of the working environment can have a similar effect. She also argues that the 'scenic' effect is also present in a city and indeed, buildings can be scenic!

One of the main impacts of working from a scenic workspace is improved workplace productivity and personal well-being. Employees tend to produce better work outcomes when they are happy with their work environment. There is a great deal of research pointing out how everything from artworks to natural light boosts productivity. For example, private offices with a wider and longer distance view outside allow the eyes to adjust and re-focus when taking breaks from the computer screen to reduce the risk of computer vision syndrome, fatigue, and headaches. To find out more about about what other factors contribute to a productive workspace, read our post.

These are just a few examples of the perks of working from a scenic private office, we encourage you to experience it for yourself in our hand-picked list of offices in Jakarta to boost your productivity - plus they have some of the best views in the city.

Greenhouse Coworking

Greenhouse Coworking SpaceGreenhouse, Kuningan

It's not everyday you see a coworking space with such a level of environmental friendliness - Greenhouse is putting oxygen back in the Kuningan air by bringing the outside in! Presenting the greenest and the most eco-friendly coworking space in Jakarta and coupling it with the stunning city view in one of the busiest CBDs in Jakarta, Greenhouse is committed to strike a balance with its nature-inspired interior design to create an environment where clients feel connected to nature. Check them out if you want the best of both worlds!


Servcorp sudirmanServcorp, Sudirman

A renowned serviced office brand in the world with over 160 locations across the world, Servcorp features spaces in the finest locations - such as the executive suite in International Financial Centre Tower 2 in Sudirman - to maintain a high-end executive image for your corporate clients. They are also committed to ensure your business success and maximize your productivity by providing HR services, in-house IT support, and travel needs as additional services to an already holistic service package.

EV Hive

EV Hive BPTN common room Jenius x EV Hive, Mega Kuningan

Located at the 47th floor of BTPN Tower in Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, EV Hive partnered with Bank Nasional Tbk (BTPN) through Jenius to open its 17th location in Jakarta. This location features 1800 square meters of space with 40 private offices as well as recreational areas surrounded by a breathtaking view of Jakarta's skyscrapers, so you can blow off steam while admiring the beauty of the city.


Unio Private Office jakartaUnio, Jalan Panjang

Recently opened in December of 2017, Unio is located in AKR tower, West Jakarta. This secret gem features private offices that comes with a panoramic view of the residential areas as well as Central Jakarta from a distance. You will be able to take a break from the wordy computer screens or documents just by staring into the distance. You will be amazed how it will affect your well-being and work productivity.


Kolega Primedge Meeting RoomKolega Primedge, SCBD

Kolega Primedge, located on the 40th floor of Equity Tower, features an aesthetically modern design with complete amenities that is built to impress. The location allows you to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city whether you are having an important meeting with a client, finishing up a report in the office, or playing ping pong with your colleague. Having 5 other locations across Jakarta, Kolega emphasizes growth and a sense of collaboration among its community.


Regus H Tower Private Office jakartaRegus, Rasuna Said

Established in 1989, industry leader Regus brands itself as the largest provider of flexible workplace solutions with over 3000 locations worldwide, covering 900 cities across 120 countries. Regus is known to provide aesthetically simple, yet beautiful private office designs that are largely located in the heart of business districts such as Kuningan, Sudirman, and Thamrin in South and Central Jakarta.

Get motivated to work and increase your productivity in the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, or if city views isn't your thing don't worry, our inventory provides a variety of private offices with different ambiences to suit your style! Simply visit our website to browse and book a visit! 


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