16 August 2019 Sarah Archer

6 Tips to Stay Productive While Working Remote

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Do you find yourself frustrated with careless drivers on your commute to work? You’re not alone. In fact, according to FlexJobs, stressful commutes are one of the strongest reasons why people decide to work from home. However, although working from home could help you gain 1-2 hours back in commute time, it’s important to consider how productive you might be outside of the office.

Start with a trial period, alternating days in and out of the office. This can help determine if working remote could work for you. You might be surprised that many work from home statistics say that employees are more productive while working remotely. 

If you’re struggling with staying productive while working remote, use our tips to stay focused. 

Create a Productive Atmosphere 

Let’s face it. A messy environment equals a scattered mind, which can hinder your work productivity. Ensure your environment is orderly to promote maximum productivity. 

Some remote workers agree that working from home can be distracting, even if you’re clean and organized. Consider working from coworking spaces or a coffee shop to avoid any unwanted distractions. Try out different set ups and routines to see what works for you. You don’t need to follow strict guidelines to what other remote workers do. 

Develop a Routine 

After you test out different locations, develop a routine. Identify what weekdays you’re most productive and schedule high priority assignments on these days. If you’re more creative in a coworking environment, schedule idea generation tasks for these days. This is one of many reasons why 77% of millennials find increased productivity with flexible work. Use a flexible schedule to your advantage and generate rapid, quality work consistently. 

Do you like working remote from a coworking space from Monday to Thursday, but work from home on Fridays? Do it. 

Get Dressed

Dress can have a large impact on productivity. Many remote workers find it easy to wear lounge and pajama while completing work. However, clothing is an important part of staying productive. Act as if you’re still heading into the office and where real clothes while you’re working. This can help you feel the part and get more work done. Although your yoga pants may be more comfortable, it might not put you in the right mindset to stay productive.

Set your Hours 

Be consistent with when you wake up, start and end work, go to the gym and shop for groceries. Establishing your hours and routine can create productive habits. The benefits of this tip don’t end with work. Setting your hours can keep you on time with all other areas, which encourages being a more organized, efficient person.

Minimize Online Distractions 

Remote works allows escape from in-office distractions and increases in productivity. In fact, FlexJobs reports that 75% of people agree working remotely reduces distractions and increase productivity. It’s still important; however, to be aware of online distractions that come with remote work. Delete any shortcut sites that are distracting or use time tracking software like Time Doctor to keep you on task during work hours. 

Build a Community

When you don’t have coworkers to chat with at lunch or throughout the day, it can be lonely. You can stay productive by having a work-life balance. Build a community outside of work by doing what you love — book club, running club, crafting or bi-weekly happy hours. Ultimately, this can help you feel more connected to and valued by the company — something everyone wants more of.

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