1 March 2016 Nicole Adarme

7 Awesome Benefits of Working at a Startup

A few years ago, a stable job at a big corporation was the dream for many fresh graduates and young professionals. Many set their sights on the P&Gs, Nestles, and other industry giants dominating the market. Trends have changed however. This doesn't mean that these giants have become less attractive per se; it means that the rise of the startup has provided fresh graduates with a new alternative to the structured career path. They embrace flexible work schedules and casual work attire, along with the abolition of rigid hierarchies of tenure - have proven attractive to the milennials entering the market. Here are some of the awesome benefits that come with working at a startup!

7 Awesome Benefits of Working at a Startup 1




7 Awesome Benefits of Working at a Startup 2


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Nicole Adarme

Nicole is a seasoned marketer who writes to inspire and help readers discover the rapidly developing workspace industry in Southeast Asia. She is proud to work with a company that empowers other businesses to grow and operate more effectively.

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