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CASE STUDY: How Coworking Helped ClassPass Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

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Disrupting traditional and well entrenched industries with a new product or service is a daunting challenge for any company, let alone a startup with limited resources. Unsurprisingly, startups are especially adept at finding creative ways to succeed - which often includes using flexible workspaces as they scale and maneuver upwards. 

Flexible workspaces are a cost-effective way to house businesses: shorter lease periods and options to scale up and down as needed make them an ideal office space solution for startups. But flexible workspaces can offer more than that for startups aiming to foster innovation and growth in their teams. In the case of the ClassPass team in Jakarta, a new flexible office space allowed their team to live up to their values as a company. 

ClassPass, a New York-based startup company, landed in Southeast Asia with its acquisition of Singapore’s Guavapass in early 2019. Their app allows users to book workout classes at various partner studios via a subscription plan. For their team in Jakarta, ClassPass wanted a new workspace that would have room for the team to live the lifestyle they promoted.

The former Guavapass team had been working at another coworking space prior to the acquisition. As their contract’s expiration date loomed, the new ClassPass team wanted a new office—one that made more sense for their team:

“We wanted a space that added value to our operations. Some spaces are ultra equipped with an overwhelming selection of amenities. And we didn't really need ALL those nice-to-haves. We wanted a space that, simply, allowed us to live the lifestyle we promoted—a space in Kuningan near some of our favorite fitness studios, and one with enough room for our yoga mats and other fitness accessories,” says Anjani Percaya, Studio Partnerships Lead at ClassPass and country rep for Indonesia.

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Having worked with FlySpaces before on another project, Anjani reached out to our team to help her with her search. With FlySpaces’ large database of flexible workspaces—including coworking spaces, serviced offices, and spaces available for sublease—and our team’s extensive knowledge of the local market, FlySpaces was able to provide ClassPass several options within their budget, that also fit their team’s lifestyle.  

“The FlySpaces website showed us hundreds of great options that matched our needs, but Yola [from the FlySpaces Sales team] was instrumental in helping us navigate our choices. She was able to narrow down the options for us and was very helpful in that she accompanied us to visits to the site, and really listened to our needs,” Anjani recalls.

"GoWork has given ClassPass the opportunity...to share what we love to do and strengthen our values as a company"

Anjani found the perfect workspace at GoWork in Kuningan. She describes what it’s like to work at their new office: “It’s really been beyond what we ever expected. We not only struck a good deal with GoWork, but we also established a collaboration with them. Beyond just meeting our requirements for the space, GoWork has given ClassPass the opportunity and space to provide a fitness and wellness program called Go Workout for the community. It enables us to share what we love to do and strengthen our values as a company. As a small local team, building a strong network and partnerships is essential for success. And what better way to do so in a coworking space, where we were able to add value to our team, not just through the cost savings but also through the community we became part of.”

GoWork Menara Rajawali ClassPassGoWork - Menara Rajawali

Finding a workspace is not a decision to be taken lightly, and workspaces are not one-size-fits-all. For startups, coworking spaces offer the benefits of flexibility and cost savings, while adding further value to their business: as ClassPass saw, staying in a coworking space added value through their community, and allowed them to promote and strengthen what they stand for as a company. By providing thoughtfully-designed technology and stellar customer service, FlySpaces strives to be a part of narratives like these everyday.

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