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Coolest Tech Offices That You Can Find in Kuala Lumpur

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No one says "I love my job" better when you have an artistic interior office - with cool themed rooms and heaps of amusement. Over the previous years, renting workspace for efficiency has seen unlimited names jump up to present their own one-of-a-kind unique takes on the coworking trend. It is nothing unexpected since most local companies have since migrated their workers into cool spots to boost employee morale and make the workplace a space that workers are eager to be at.

In this post, we'll explore some of our picks on the coolest tech offices throughout Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. Apart from having envy-inspiring perks, these workplaces are truly winning the standing ovation for how they blend productivity, flexibility, and technology advancement.

Colony, KL Eco City


The workspace is brimming with creativity. The awe-inspiring part of a Colony private office is a solitary smart office for one pax. It comes with a Google Home system associated with a high-end AV system, instilling the office suite with top of the line functional aesthetic. This manifested a top-level work environment that is free of unnecessary distractions.

Co3 Social Office, Puchong


Co3 Social Office is geared at maximizing productivity and innovation. So it comes as no surprise that their workplace features a sliding in the middle of the open space, an assortment of entertainment & relaxation facilities, a cafeteria loaded with boundless tidbits and drinks. With its facility of recording rooms, editing equipment, photography or videography rooms just to name a few make it an ideal IT hub.

Co-Labs, Damansara Utama


Among the most well-known tech coworking centers, Co-Labs won't let you down. Indeed, the working environment seems to be extremely fun and energizing. Be worry free as the private offices are integrated with fingerprint technology for the safety. The space has cool oozing from all the private suites, coworking desks, nap rooms, breakout area, bean bags, meeting rooms.

WSpace, Mid Valley


Another cool tech office, WSpace lives on top of the plethora of shopping and excitement center of Mid Valley. It also has spaces for members to unwind on lounge chairs with natural lighting coming in to give their brains some harmony and calm. Following the same trend, this space has incorporated an app installed in an iPhone which is put in front of each office as the door locking system.

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