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Designing Success: Good Meeting Room Design For Fruitful Meetings

Meeting Room for 24 at KLOUD - Great Eastern Centre
Meeting spaces serve as vital hubs within every workplace. These rooms witness the flow of creativity, the initiation of crucial discussions, and the making of significant decisions. Yet, amidst these important endeavours, meeting rooms also play host to the mundane, yet necessary, aspects of work such as project updates and check-ins. Due to their frequent use and diverse range of activities, good meeting are always thoughtfully designed to accommodate the various interactions that occur within their walls. But what exactly goes into designing great meeting rooms? Read on to find out more.

The Significance of Meeting Room Design
At the heart of all meetings lies collaboration, an essential element for workplace productivity and innovation. Companies that can provide spaces that foster collaboration are better positioned for success. Additionally, meeting room design holds implications for the impressions formed by prospective clients or interviewees. Factors such as transparency, trust, and professionalism are all influenced by the design of these spaces.

With the advent of the new era of hybrid work, the importance of meeting room design has been magnified. Companies are now reimagining the traditional layout of meeting rooms to accommodate hybrid meetings effectively. The flexibility of employee schedules and the freedom to utilise office spaces as needed have prompted companies to reassess various aspects of the workplace, including office design, space allocation, meeting formats, and employee engagement with the physical environment.

What Makes A Good Meeting Room Design?

A good meeting room design is essential for fostering productivity, collaboration, and overall success in the workplace. Here are some ways to design great meeting rooms, or to access if a meeting room is a good space to host your discussions.

  1. Choose a Good Layout
    Tailoring Meeting Rooms for Different Purposes and Team Dynamics

Meeting rooms serve many different purposes, and there’s really no one best layout that works for every team or office.  Some are used for board meetings, others are for client meetings or presentations, while still others are just used for casual team brainstorming sessions.  A meeting with major investors may work well in a traditional boardroom with a large conference table, while presentations may benefit from a classroom-style setup with smaller tables. Choosing a layout that encourages engagement and creativity can boost productivity.


Meeting Room for 20 at City Serviced Offices - South Beach Tower
Meeting Room for 20 at City Serviced Offices - South Beach Tower

2. Incorporate Collaborative Tools and Spaces
Encouraging Interaction and Idea Sharing

Promote collaboration by incorporating interactive tools and dedicated spaces within the meeting room. Whiteboards, flip charts, or digital collaboration tools can facilitate brainstorming sessions and encourage participants to share ideas and contribute actively. Additionally, providing comfortable breakout areas or informal seating arrangements within the meeting room allows for more relaxed and informal discussions, fostering creativity and innovation.

Meeting Room for 14 at The Great Room - One George Street

Meeting Room for 14 at The Great Room - One George Street

  1. Invest in Cutting-Edge Meeting Room Technology
    Enabling Seamless Communication and Collaboration

In today's digital age, technology has become an integral part of meetings. A good meeting room should be equipped with user-friendly and the latest technology to enable seamless communication and collaboration. This includes high-speed internet, projection systems, and audio-visual equipment. Ensure that technology is user-friendly and readily available to prevent any technical difficulties that may disrupt the flow of the meeting.

To ensure maximum productivity and efficient communication, meeting room technology should be of high quality and easy to use. It should enable participants to share their screens and content seamlessly using their preferred devices. With user-friendly technology in place, setting up for meetings becomes hassle-free, eliminating the probability of logistical or technical hiccups. As a result, participants can focus more on the meeting agenda, resulting in increased productivity and more efficient communication – the main objective of the meeting after all!

Meeting Room for 10 - TEC

Meeting Room for 10 at The Executive Centre - The Gateway West

  1. Facilitate Easy Communication and Connectivity
    Ensuring Inclusivity and Engagement in Meetings

In today’s workplace, effective communication and seamless connectivity are paramount. Whether collaborating with remote staff, global team members, or external clients, inclusivity in meetings is crucial. Leveraging digital meeting tools such as screen-sharing and note-taking software proves practical in ensuring smooth communication flow and active participation. To optimise communication effectiveness, it is recommended to establish good meeting etiquette, including creating a comprehensive agenda, providing materials in advance, and dedicating the session to discussing important topics. Furthermore, prioritising high-quality audio is essential as it directly impacts the clarity and effectiveness of communication. Additionally, ensuring high audio quality is of utmost importance as it directly impacts the ease of communication; without functioning audio, effective communication becomes extremely challenging.

Meeting Room for 12 at The Work Project - Capital Tower

Meeting Room for 12 at The Work Project - Capital Tower

  1. Consider Environmental Factors
    Optimising Productivity and Comfort in Meeting Room Design

Consider various environmental factors that can greatly impact the productivity and comfort of participants. For instance, lighting, temperature, acoustics, furniture, and movement space all play a significant role. Optimal lighting ensures that the space is well-illuminated without causing glare or shadows that may hinder concentration. Likewise, maintaining a comfortable temperature with appropriate air conditioning fosters an environment where attendees can focus on the discussion without being distracted by discomfort. Choosing suitable furniture that promotes good posture and provides adequate support is essential for enabling participants to sit comfortably, even during extended periods of discussion. Additionally, managing acoustics to minimise distracting noises and echoes contributes to a more conducive meeting environment. Lastly, ensuring sufficient movement space allows participants to move around freely, promoting engagement and preventing the feeling of being confined. By considering these environmental factors, meeting areas can be designed to maximize comfort, concentration, and overall productivity.

Meeting Room for 24 at KLOUD - Great Eastern Centre
Meeting Room for 24 at KLOUD - Great Eastern Centre

6. Prioritise Privacy and Confidentiality
Creating a Secure and Trustworthy Environment

In certain meetings, privacy and confidentiality are paramount. Design meeting rooms with features that ensure privacy, such as soundproof walls or acoustic panels, to prevent sensitive information from being overheard. Incorporating blinds, curtains, or smart glass technology can offer visual privacy when necessary. By creating a secure and trustworthy environment, participants can engage in open discussions without concerns about confidentiality.

Meeting Room for 14 at The Hive - North Bridge Road

Meeting Room for 14 at The Hive - North Bridge Road

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