30 September 2021 Caitlin Belda

A Digital Nomad's Survival Toolkit

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As we have shifted to a more hybrid and flexible working environment, a lot of freelancers, digital nomads, startups, and even established corporations took this opportunity to work anywhere else they would like (only that it comes with caution because of pandemic restrictions). Cafes, lounges, coworking spaces are some of the top go-to options for professionals with a mobile lifestyle. And if you are planning to have a visit to some of these spaces, packing the right items could save you from the hassle of not coming prepared to your desired work space. We know it is a struggle to choose the essential items and tools to bring, but we have selected the ones every digital nomad must bring to their work space. Aside from the basic items like portable hotspot, noise-cancelling headphones, external hard drive, and powerbank; it is better to start preparing your adjustable, multi-purpose, and ergonomic items before you start your work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

1. Adjustable Laptop Stand

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We are not just talking about any laptop stand here, but the one that Stance offers. Now, hear us out, working long hours in front of a laptop could be very taxing on your body. Choosing an ergonomic laptop stand could help reduce wrist strain by allowing you to type at an angle, while raising your screen higher to reduce neck and shoulder strain. This works even better if you pair it up with a keyboard and a mouse as well as with other ergonomic accessories such as phone holder, portable lamp, and ergostep footrest.

2. Compact Extension Cord

We added this to the list because we know what a busy day would look like in a full-packed space and there’s a beaming red light on your device’s battery level indicator. You might not have the time to keep on looking and waiting for an available socket and it would also be a hassle to hop from one cafe or coworking space to another. However with a portable extension cord, you could avoid heart-thumping moments of racing against time to save your work before your device shuts down. Plus, you could gain a new friend by sharing your extra socket to one who needs it at a crucial time.


3. Ease Lumbar Support Pillow

Stance Ease Lumbar Support Pillow Option 2

As previously mentioned, some work requires sitting for long periods of time which greatly affects our posture and our health, but one easy way to lessen these health risks is to use an ergonomic seat cushion. The Stance Ease lumbar support cushion is made with a memory foam with gel that provides enhanced tailored support to your body and redistributes compressive force around your hips and lower back which makes it comfortable to sit. This goes well with the U-shaped design of Stance’s seat cushion that conforms to your body shape particularly around your thighs. This definitely improves circulation in your lower body making it more comfortable to work.

4. Wellness Applications

Aside from being hands on about work, you must also take control of your mental health by having apps that aid in managing and analyzing your moods. There are free apps such as MoodFit where you can create personalized daily goals and write journal entries, so you can better analyze what is causing your emotional discomfort. Another app to consider is Happify since it includes science-based activities that help reduce stress and overcome your thoughts. Take care of yourself too!

5. Portable Standing Desk

Levit8- Product Only

Find moderation between sitting and standing to add comfort while doing your daily tasks. Not only does it decrease back and neck pain from sitting too long, but it also boosts your mood and leaving out the unnecessary discomfort from over-sitting. Turn any desk into a portable standing desk whether you are at home or at a coworking space using Stance’s stylish and ergonomic Levit8. Setting it up is effortless, so you could adjust it to a normal desk when you want to sit down and transform it to a standing desk when you want to get on your feet.

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6. Portable Coffee Machine

We all know someone who cannot start the day without their caffeine fix, so bring your favorite coffee concoction within reach. You would surely have fresh coffee wherever you go; it is easy to carry, it is convenient, and the coffee is all yours for the making to suit your taste. Our friends at Nespresso PH have several portable coffee makers available, so you might want to grab one now and make your favorite flat white from your desk!

7. Eco Water Bottle

Being well-hydrated is essential to staying focused at work and it immensely reduces daytime fatigue. If you have a lot written on your task list, you certainly need to maintain your level of energy to keep you properly functioning all throughout your day. Bringing your personal cup, whether it be collapsible or just a simple one, would not only save you from extra expenses on using disposable plastic or paper cups, but would also let you have that personal touch anywhere you work.

8. Sanitation Kit

Last but not least, you must bring your sanitation kit at all times. Don’t forget to include your alcohol/hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, or cordless UV light kit. It is the most practical option when you are on the go and when there is no soap and water in sight, but please wash your hands properly whenever possible. Germs, bacteria, and microbes are everywhere! Especially at times like this, staying clean would contribute a lot to your safety and would avoid spreading germs to the people around you.

As more work companies and organizations adjust to a flexible working arrangement, digital nomads, freelancers, and other remote workers are taking this opportunity to fully embrace this flexible journey. Though it might not include the staple and heavy-duty equipment as when you are working in a fixed office, as a digital nomad, you could still bring essential items that would add up to your comfort, productivity, and efficiency wherever you go.

Are there any must-have items of a digital nomad that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!


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