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Find the Perfect Working Space for Your Industry

Finding an office space can be both exciting and stressful. It needs to have the necessities for you to be able to operate daily and have an aesthetic that promotes productivity and innovation among your team. It also has to be on budget, especially for small businesses and startups. You need to grow your company and it’s vital that the space you’ll be in all day stimulates that thought – without emptying your wallet.

If you’re considering renting a space but you don’t have a clear idea of what you truly want and need, here are some good starting points that would complement well to your specific industry. 

For the tech startup in Manila

aspace in makati manila meeting room flyspaces
ASpace in Makati, Manila.

If you’re looking for a space to house your growing team of techies in Manila, ASpace offers first-rate amenities and services to suit your needs, from a well-equipped meeting room for major client deals to a comfy lounge area to relax during your free time. They have fast and reliable Internet connection so you won’t worry about unexpected downtime during testing and launches for your products. Highlighting comfort and efficiency, ASpace is a great dwelling point for you and your team to build your business. 

For the tech startup in Singapore

plus concept private office singapore flyspaces
Plus Concept, Singapore CBD

Plus Concept is an office space where you can focus on your business and get things done. With a secure location and 24/7 access to the space, you can shape your ideas freely when inspiration strikes and collaborate with other innovators to flourish your business plans. It’s a great option for entrepreneurs who want to be in an office setup but still be able to function without the constraints that come in a corporate environment.

For the professionals in Manila 

compass makati office space flyspaces
Compass Makati

A professional setup doesn’t need to be too stiff or serious just because you work with accounting sheets or legal cases. Compass Makati strikes a balance between minimalism and comfort, mixing a professional look with a touch of color to liven up the space. With massive windows surrounding the office, you’ll get a nice view overlooking Makati’s central business district and the natural light coming in from outside can help you relax and meditate when you’re feeling stressed from the daily grind.   

For the creative

mettle work singapore office space flyspaces
Mettle Work, Singapore

Mettle Work is a creative hub in Singapore where you have free reign to operate your business inventively and without borders. Artists who need inspiration to pursue their works will have the freedom here to build, design, and tinker to bring out the best possible outputs they can deliver. It’s also a charming venue for small galleries and business meetings.

For the professionals in Singapore

workcentral office space singapore flyspaces
Workcentral, Singapore

Be inspired to grow your business in an environment that promotes innovation. Workcentral in Singapore is a shared office space for rent that thrives on young entrepreneurs who continuously work on their ideas and push the boundaries to turn their concepts into reality. Be a part of an environment that will bring forth the best version of yourself to build your brand and bring success to your business.

For growing retail brands

banilad town center cebu retail space flyspaces
Banilad Town Center, Cebu

Need a place to showcase your products? With large foot traffic within a buzzing metropolis, Banilad Town Center in Cebu can get you the exposure you need to build your brand even if you’re on a tight budget. You will have to option to set up a concessionaire inside or outside the mall, depending on your products and the customers you want to attract. A great mixture of established brands and small and medium enterprises can be found in the mall, so it will be favorable for you to get in the mix and penetrate the market without having to rent a permanent space, which could balloon your expenses. 

It can be tough to operate a business and decide on an office space with all the things you need to factor in before choosing the right one. What’s great about these work and retail spaces offered by Flyspaces is that they are open for short-term rentals, which means you don’t have to worry about adapting to the space until you’ve found your groove. You have a wide variety of office spaces to choose from, depending on your field, the type of environment you are looking for, and the dynamic of your team. The spaces we occupy can really affect our workflow so it’s important that you choose a place that will make you feel happy and comfortable in.

Want to see more? Browse through our office and retail rentals and find your perfect workspace. To learn more about Flyspaces’ services, email us at info@flyspaces.com.


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