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Short-Term Workspaces Expands to Hong Kong | FlySpaces

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Hong Kong, China— The use of short-term workspaces is gaining momentum in cities all around the world, allowing freelancers, small business owners, and independent workers to rent a working area that is free of long-term commitments and entry barriers. More and more businesses are opting for this kind of office lease over those of the conventional nature for its increased flexibility, convenience and affordability. With the rising popularity of coworking spaces, the preference for short-term solutions is catching on across the globe, and Southeast Asia is no exception.  

Coworking has quickly transformed the workspace landscape. According to a global survey conducted by coworking magazine Deskmag, the number of coworking spaces has increased to about 7,800 worldwide, a rise of 36% between 2014 and 2015.  The model is quickly winning over businesses across the world, especially in Asia. Forecasts indicate that coworking will take up 15% to 20% of all office space inventory in Southeast Asia by the year 2030.

everest spaces hong kong
Everest Spaces, Hong Kong

At the forefront of this growing trend is FlySpaces, the leading short-term workspace booking engine in Southeast Asia. FlySpaces is a digital marketplace that aggregates different kinds of workspaces across the region. With increased choice, efficiency, flexibility and price transparency - entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs are empowered to scale their space with their business. For venue owners, FlySpaces acts as a digital marketing platform. It allows businesses with extra space to optimize and monetize that space by connecting them with a vast user base. Specializing in short-term workspace solutions, FlySpaces offers a wide variety of private offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, training rooms, virtual offices and event spaces on its website.

Hot on the heels of its recent debut in Kuala Lumpur, the tech startup has taken a tremendous lead throughout Southeast Asia and has recently announced its expansion into Hong Kong. As the single largest financial leader in Asia, Hong Kong is a technological wonder and a welcoming epicenter for companies all over the world- a logical choice for FlySpaces’ next location of operations.

“We want to dominate all short-term workspace transactions in the region” says Mario Berta, CEO of FlySpaces. “We are fostering the transition from the use of conventional office space by bringing more choice and efficiency into a single platform. Booking workspace will be made easier for businesses with our single point of entry, increased flexibility, price transparency and innovative user experience.”

UNO coworking hong kong
UNO Coworking, Hong Kong

Since its inception in October 2015, FlySpaces has become the leading network for workspaces in Southeast Asia, with a solid presence in Singapore and the Philippines. With the recent addition of Malaysia, its third country of operation, the company works with over 200 partners and now helps place individuals and businesses in over 150,000 square meters of workspace across Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, and Cebu.  With the latest addition of Hong Kong, FlySpaces moves north of its Southeast Asian demographic, solidifying its place as the number one workspace provider for startups and established businesses alike. With an unbeatable window into the Asian market, FlySpaces is already serving companies such as Google, Zalora, UpWork, Unilever, Mediacorp, and Uber.

WYND hong kong
WYND, Hong Kong

In an additional capacity, FlySpaces is also one of the market’s greatest aggregators and proponents of a shared economic model on the real estate horizon.  Much like in the industries of transport, media and travel, the shared economy is changing the nature of the workspace industry. It has altered the way businesses can access workplaces.  From an economic development perspective, short-term workspaces can provide an important base for SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs, as well as improve business cost efficiency - helping to diversify and grow the local economy.  This short-term office template is a valuable addition to the Hong Kong region.

nova serviced offices hong kong

“Having already worked with many businesses in the Philippines and Singapore, recently launching operations in Kuala Lumpur and then now in Hong Kong has been a tremendous achievement. We’re helping foreign businesses grab a foothold in the Southeast Asian market, and we’re giving local players more choice and flexibility in their workspace solutions. As we expand to more cities, we will be able to serve more businesses looking for one-stop-shop solutions for their short-term office and workspace needs.”

A testament to the growing demand for short-term solutions in Hong Kong, WeWork (the World’s biggest co-working space recently valued at 19 billion USD) is opening two new locations in the city. “Hong Kong shares the the same dynamics of a city like Singapore” says Mario Berta, CEO of FlySpaces. “Hong Kong today has the world’s most expensive office rent (Singapore ranks among the top 10), limited land, and tremendous demand due to the country’s position as a bridge between China and the rest of the World. These factors are making it nearly prohibitive for SMEs to set up shop in the city.”

arcc offices hong kong
ARCC Offices, Hong Kong

With FlySpaces now broadening its scope north of its already-established demographic in Southeast Asia, the company will increase its number of partners, targeting serviced office providers and established businesses that wish to monetize their extra office space, to address the demand for more flexible, short-term workspaces. Their launch in Hong Kong includes partnerships with Everest Spaces, UNO Coworking, Wynd, Nova Serviced Offices, and Arcc Offices among others.

Kickstart your local operations or regional expansion in Hong Kong today. Visit flyspaces.com and view short-term workspaces for lease across Southeast Asia.


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