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Happy Mother's Day 2019: Embracing Mompreneurs

Let’s face it, it’s not a myth. Supermoms are a reality. They’re the best at doing anything and everything regardless of time or energy! It's like they're the ones who hold the infinity stones and control them all. That's how amazing they can be!

If you ever asked yourself how powerful can a mother become, let's do some checkup! Do you have Coco Chanel's perfume on your makeup desk? Do you use Mary Kay, Estee Lauder, or Bobbi Brown cosmetics? Do you always log into FashionValet.com to top up your wardrobes' collections? If you're answering yes to any of these, thus you're benefiting from the passion, creativity of the mothers who run businesses!

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Drawing motivation from the individuals who preceded them, mompreneurs are on the ascent as an ever-increasing number of ladies are maintaining their own businesses while raising families. Being a business person can absolutely be troublesome just on its own while parenting on its own is a full-time commitment as well. Yet, juggling entrepreneurship with motherhood is way more amazing.

Moms Are Creative

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Not to be biased but women, especially moms, are famous for being creative and thinking outside of the box. Looking at the influx of artistic expression online, we can see women are a driving force. Blending motherhood and creativity, these mothers are living life artistically while letting us watch it as inspiration and entertainment sometimes. Yes, these ladies are moms in the first place, but they're also wildly imaginative. They aren't one or the other, they are both!

What Brings Them to The Front?

What makes a mother become an entrepreneur? This is the ever endless and popular question that they are asked. Different people have a different story and thus have a different answer to this question. Some of the best mompreneur ideas come from being at home, and discovering solutions for the consistent issues with which mothers deal with on a daily basis. While some may be driven from their innate creative spirit, passion, hobby, or they're just simply geniuses.

Stay-at-home Moms Vs Working Moms Vs Mompreneurs?

It's all about time and productivity. There aren't enough hours in a day, and it can be incredibly hard to find ways to make the most out of it. Within the time allocation, it's really important for mothers to have time to meditate, to make it to the gym, to check their childrens homework; not to mention all the house chores in between. If all of these are ticked, then it means mommys get the best of two universes: being a mother and business owner.

However, being working mothers can easily lead to increases stress. The thought of leaving those beautiful kids to day care breaks every mother's heart. In fact, becoming stay-at-home mothers will fill most of the time with the fun of watching the kids grow up. But for some reason, throughout the time, some may feel they aren't being intellectually challenged enough. Restless and isolated from the social life are what they experienced. Once they're being anxious, that's when they realize they're not fully fitted as housemom for the rest of your life.

Do note that STAY-AT-HOME MOTHERS, you are spectacularly amazing just the way you are!

Work-Family Balance, How Do They Do It?

The truth is, time is limited. You don't always have time to do everything that you want to do so scheduling your day becomes vital. Focusing on what really matters for both family and work. Next, switch on the multitasking power mode! Mothers today are smart enough to integrate their life with the technology advancement and the abundant apps that ease daily activities. Order groceries online, do auto-payments for the bills, and list goes on.

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While other mothers may choose their workplace wisely. Working from home is absolutely free and comfortable, but there's plenty of distractions that can stop you from managing your business. Unlike working from flexible workspaces, not only can moms get new friends and benefit from the entrepreneurial like-minded environment, but there are some flexible workplaces that offer in-house daycare.

trehaus, singapore
Check out this coworking space, Trehaus, where parents can bring children to work everyday

With the time left, moms can proceed to work on the things that are truly important for business and family. Transparency is another key while at work. Let the clients know about their schedule and availability. Fret not as clients are people too, they can understand the time constraints and be empathetic towards it. They don't bother much to always close the deal and leave the family behind. Nope, it's not their principle! Most of mompreneurs find that delicate balance through transparency.

Happy Mother's Day Mompreneurs!

Of all sacrifice, dream, and time that wonder moms are struggling with, still family is their first priority. Being a mompreneur is just as challenging as it is rewarding. Even though Mother's Day has passed, it's never too late to celebrate our mothers and reward their braveness in building an empire and becoming a successful person. Nothing is stronger than a mother's love, so we at FlySpaces would like to wish to all mothers especially mompreneurs out there a very Happy Mother's Day!

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