3 February 2017 Julie Ng

Hong Kong's Coolest Offices

Garage Society Hong Kong with FlySpaces 

“Office space” typically conjures the mental image of stifling cubicles, endless rows of desks, and harsh fluorescent lights. How does a business champion innovation and boost morale with that kind of environment?

Companies need to step up their office game in order to attract creative, energetic professionals. After all, we spend so much of our days at work that offices are practically our second home!

A metropolis like Hong Kong does not run short of good design, and we here at FlySpaces have set out to find these office spaces that have gotten on with the times (and even into the future). In the end, we narrowed our finds down to 10 coolest examples of office interior design in Hong Kong!

WeWork Coworking Hong Kong with FlySpaces

WeWork features a spacious pantry area and couches and booth seats ideal for meetings and group work. If you find yourself working best in a cafe or restaurant, we highly recommend setting up at WeWork. The industrial-meets-woodgrain, warmly-lit cafe ambiance inspires productivity without the high pressure of a typical office environment or the noise and seat hogs of Starbucks. Get the millennial Central Perk vibes at WeWork with two Hong Kong branches in Causeway Bay and Wanchai.

This award-winning interior design firm has worked on household names like Shangri-La, W Hotels, and Four Seasons Shanghai. Unsurprisingly, their interiors are designed with high standards: bright and luxurious with a mix of vintage pieces and art investments. AB Concepts makes it a point to enhance the overall experience of their employees and clients with inspiring design. Employees are even encouraged to have their own fashion personality!

The Hive prides itself in its values and its roster of diverse members, often ones that turn out to perfectly benefit each other with their specialties e.g. a product person met a distributor person through Hive. Hive has 6 separate offices including a photo studio called The Hive Studio and MakerHive where designers and makers have access to a variety of tools including 3D printers, laser cutters, and sewing machines.

Greeting you at its lobby is a proud yellow retro-looking fridge next to lush purple chairs. Not just any coworking space, The Garage Society is human-centric, accommodating, and full of personality. The Garage Society’s name took inspiration from the humble garage origins of Google, Apple, and Amazon. A bright and playful coworking space located in Queen’s Road Central, they empower members with internship programs and community building. Unique also to The Garage Society is their outdoor patio area overlooking Hong Kong’s financial district where members can hold meetings or take breaks. Why find breathing room when you can go outdoors?

Blueprint definitely stands out with unconventional interiors. At its reception area is a neon light logo behind a curtain of chains and opposite that is a row of chrome Chinese mailboxes. Occupying two levels in a skyscraper in Quarry Bay, Blueprint is an accelerator and coworking space with tons of personality thanks to interesting murals, airplane seats, and textures amidst bright blue and white interiors. #officegoals!

A building made for the creative industry, Genesis went wild with wavy, bold designs inspired by the psychedelic 60s. The lobby alone has a hallway straight out of a spaceship, an interactive color-changing LED wall, and a 5 meter sculpture of a hand pointing towards the sky. The building also features an outdoor terrace and even a daycare center. This is an office space that makes sure its tenants are surrounded by art and constantly pumped with inspiration.

The Wave

Located in Kwun Tong, The Wave will bring out the inner child in you with yellow swings, bold blocks of color, 8bit wall art, and a giant desk lamp that reminds you of Pixar’s. Need a phone call? They have a telephone booth for you: a classic British red phone booth! While offices don’t have to be stark and boring, and work doesn’t have to be dull, The Wave’s interiors take it a step further for you to integrate play with work.

The Work Project, a coworking space and serviced office, believes that a mentally calming ambiance is key to productivity and concentration. In addition to sleek, eco-friendly interiors that contain vertical gardens, natural aromas, custom-blended teas, and even customized music to ensure that members find the focus and inspiration they need. 

While 9GAG has its simple black-and-white branding they are known for their vast collection of entertaining content that people love to share. Their Hong Kong office interiors followed suit with minimal black walls and industrial ceilings that contrast the colorful giant bean bag chairs. The openness of the space encourages sharing and communication. Adding to the casual atmosphere is the ping-pong table and a sprawling faux grass floor for lounging, meetings, and even camping and dog-walking!

Also known as the Glass Office, Dutch design firm MVRDV stripped out a dingy Hong Kong factory and constructed an office space with the ultimate transparency. An office made of nothing but white paint, steel, glass, and more glass, the statement office space aims show off the inner workings of the building and its technical components that give life to an establishment. The elevated floor, desks, chairs, and elevators are also completely see-through giving it a clean, futuristic look. Since Glass Office maximized light as much as possible, they were able to reduce their power consumption.

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