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How Digital Nomads Can Vacation in Bali While Working

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You've been preparing for your upcoming holiday and splurged on cool new beach wear. Now you're all ready to show off that beach bod and have some fun in Bali, when suddenly a wave of emails from work come crashing down, knocking you from that surfboard. You might think your vacation is ruined, but fear not! As the mecca of digital nomads, this paradise is no stranger to busy travellers like yourselves.

Worry not, because dealing with daunting tasks from work doesn't have to ruin your vacation. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of local coworking spaces and remote work options. 

Get Out of That Hotel!

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Let's be honest. You flew to Bali because you saved for months and a luxurious hotel is not really in your budget. However, even though the motel you stayed in have somewhat of a working internet connection, you should get out more! Just look at what you are missing, like this beautiful cafe named Nook Bali in Seminyak area where you sit literally in front of the rice fields. For one thing, research has shown that working in close with nature, which this island is surrounded by, could actually improve productivity. Secondly, you have worked too hard to stay curled up uncomfortable on a bunk bed alone!

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Pocket WiFi Could Save Lives

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Now you're out of bed, here’s the next thing to keep in mind. The bad news is that Bali is not the best place for the luxury of public free WiFi, especially on the beach areas where you would be required to purchase a beverage at a bar et cetera. The good news is that renting a pocket WiFi could not be easier in Bali. Companies like Javamifi and a handful of others offer unlimited data services for as cheap as 6 dollars a day and delivers the device to your accommodation, so you could write an email and get a sun tan at the same time with ease. Just be mindful with those things on the beach, don’t let others steal your WiFi.

Skip Name-Brand Cafes, Go Local

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At this point you might be in need of caffeine, stat. Instead of purchasing your coffee at a nearby Starbucks, you might find it more enjoyable in a local cafe. As one of the producers of coffee, Bali has some of the best tasting cup of joe you need to be productive. Not to mention, some of them carry amazing meals and looks as calming and charming as the ones you would see on Pinterest, like Cafe Organic in Canggu. Don’t worry, they usually won’t burn holes in your pocket and maybe you would even stay a bit longer, just because it's too cozy to leave.

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More work? Cowork!

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Last but not least, if too much work and no play continues, rent out a coworking space instead! Bali offers a myriad of options such as Hub Bali Legian, where you can not only work optimally with all the amenities you would need in an office, but also cool down afterwards with some refreshments at the pool, or maybe in the pool! With daily access at IDR 150.000, you could really enjoy your work in paradise and turn it into a full time vacation. They even offer coliving options, if you're psychic about having to open that laptop during paradise time.

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Now would you look at that, you're all done with work and ready to relax with a bottle of Bintang at the beach (yes I specifically choose that brand because of obvious reasons). If not, then try to have fun doing whatever it is needed to be done. The most important thing when your job gets in the way is to find ways to enjoy them. Quick reminder, don't forget to turn on your vacation responder during this time.

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