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How To Organize Company Iftar in Kuala Lumpur



Time flies so fast. It seems like just yesterday we were just starting our fast, but here we are, 10 days in already. Congrats! Soon, this holy merry month will leave us, and we will stumble upon the Eid celebration all over the world. So we don't regret not making the most out of this month, it might be a good idea to think about celebrating with an Iftar party (fast-breaking party) along with your friends, family, and coworkers.

As an employer, you should be proud of having such responsible strong staff in your company. Fasting while working is as challenging as it is rewarding. In the spirit of sharing and togetherness, let's celebrate them and their integrity at work especially during this challenging month! Ramadan is the ideal time for our souls and stomachs to be filled.

We know that organizing a feast party for a company can be a stressful affair when left to the last minute. With the help of a checklist, you'll be set free from the worry of making sure all the elements are well planned and thought of prior to the festive month. If you want your Iftar gathering to be flawless, get into the festive mood early and plan ahead!

Here’s a breakdown of how to organize your very own productive (and fun) Iftar party in Kuala Lumpur and be assured of smooth planning ahead, plus some event spaces you can rent for the occasion:

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Pick A Date

It's imperative to do proper planning and find a suitable pick a datedate and time to ensure the event doesn't conflict with other programs. Pretty sure your employees also have their own Iftar plans. Pick a date that is convenient for all, mull over their working hours, tasks and lifestyle when setting the date. To smooth the process, make a poll or survey on which suitable date to hold the Iftar that everyone can join. This will also give you an idea of how many people will be able to join.

Decide on Budget

The type of Iftar party that you're ready to design is budgetobnoxiously affecting your budget size. Be practical with regards to planning and contemplate the number of guests attending, sort of food and some edutainment decisions you'd like to make. One tip is to learn from previous experience, plan around it and have a loose budget. If you're on a tight budget, you could opt to do a potluck party in your office rather than a fine dining Iftar gathering.

Scout for a Venue

This is the daunting part of all. A perfect venue for all! But again, after budgeting, the number of the guests you intend to invite has an impact on the type of the venue. It could be your office hall or pantry may not be plausible to suit everyone serenely and would be a poor venue decision for your Iftar party. Obviously, good venues in terms of location and price get nabbed up quickly. But lucky you, FlySpaces knows the best event spaces and dining options around in Kuala Lumpur.

Bear in mind that this is not just a feast party, but it's also a religious one. Thus, make sure your chosen venue either provides prayer room or is near local mosques.


The decoration is the first thing that guests would notice upon arrival. It immediately gives out a joyous and bubbly vibe when the setting is adorned elegantly. This is often overlooked as people think that food is the only star of the party.

Iftar Menu

Food is the highlight of any party. The menu for Iftar should be planned out and laid out remembering the important objective of best entertaining the fasting guests. Have a couple of ideas in mind and short-list which best fits your budget and the taste buds of your guests. Anticipate a rough idea of how you might want your Iftar get-together to resemble. It ought to be prepared to guarantee necessary catering is made and food preparation should be possible in advance if vital. If you have a specific caterer in mind, connect with them at least a couple of weeks before.

As mentioned earlier, if you have a tight budget, you may even need to consider having a potluck. Always plan ahead with your employees on what they are bringing to guarantee that no overlapping and everyone gets to enjoy a variety of food choices.

Have An Offbeat Iftar Party

The BIG moment! You can make it even bigger by hosting an offbeat Iftar party. People often get bored of going to the typical buffet dinner after a few weeks. Be sure to spice up the event like picking a theme, setting up live bbq stations, having instant photo booth or plan a progressively edutainment for everyone. If you need to have an extraordinary Iftar gathering, at that point you'll need to think outside of the box and attempt some new ideas.

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Don’t Forget the True Meaning of Ramadan

It is very rewarding to feed people. Feeding fasting people petronas iftar with underpriviledgedis much more rewarding. Such an individual gets as many rewards as the fasting person receives, with no reduction in the reward of the fasting individual. Since Ramadan is all about charity and giving, why not invite the underprivileged community to join with your Iftar gathering. The more, the merrier, and bless-ier, of course!

Goodie Bags

Freebie_Ramadan_Goodiebag_ToppersThrow an unforgettable Iftar party after they leave by giving them some goodie bags with treats like the traditional date sweets or chocolates and some small souvenirs to bring home with them. Enhance your event and dazzle your guests with instant photo booth to capture the smile and moments of Iftar party and leave a permanent mark in your employees' memories.

Make Plans for Socializing

Socializing and helping other people is one significant aspect of observing Ramadan. To pick up the most fulfillment from your Ramadan your plans for mingling ought to be chalked out well ahead of time. Let’s not forget, it is also a good chance for colleagues to bond over food and good company! This breakout session is an efficient way of growing your network.

Great examples of venues for your upcoming Iftar party across Kuala Lumpur:

Blockcafe by Blockspace


For an absolutely affordable Buka Puasa buffet, dine at Blockcafe by Blockspace in Gombak with your fellas for only RM 48/pax (adult)!

Grand Centro

grand centro-1

For a place which exudes more class and elegance for a private get together with your colleagues, Grand Centro would be a great choice.

16 Tea House

16 tea house

For a low key intimate gathering, 16 Tea House will be the perfect venue for getting together with friends and family.

The Lounge 37


The Lounge 37 is an ideal event space for companies who are looking to treat their staff during this festive period.

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