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Staycation during Ramadan Week in Jakarta - Why and Where

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The time to celebrate Ramadan with family, friends and other love ones is within eye-sights once again. However, you have to unfortunately stay in Jakarta due to several reasons, like lack of financial prowess, too far of a destination, occupation demands and so on. Or sometimes, your family comes to you! But do you know that Jakarta turns into a whole new world every time lebaran week rolls into town, full of fantastic points of view? Well, we will discuss in this list not only why, but also how to maximize your staycation in the city.

Why a 'Staycation' in Jakarta is a good idea

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You're probably thinking right now: Bintang, I am not going anywhere near the traffic-jammed, pack-crowded, face-melting hot Jakarta! And I get it, the city is usually that and some more. However, according to several news outlets like Tribun and Merdeka, about 1.4 million vehicles would exit the city, bringing about more than half of the citizens back to their hometowns. This phenomenon is what we Indonesians call "Mudik", where most of us migrate back to our old stomping ground where families gather for the holy week.

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For the rest of us, this means no honking with strangers on the freeways. No long queues (yes, plural) for a bottle of water. Basically, this means clear roads and empty places heaven, at least for a little while. While we might not be so lucky to travel and have a peaceful escape, Jakarta gets a little break for itself, and this is where this list comes in. Though the majority of hangout places might be closed, there are some hidden gems that will stay open, even during the big Ramadan day! So take some time off to read them to prepare you for this staycation; hey, you deserve it.

1. Visit the National Monument, Monas

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Price Indicator: $$$

If you have time and have never visited the skyline icon, this might be the best time to do it. Learn about Indonesian history and how the city came about to be the capital city all the while awed by the view in the gold fire, with interesting museums and displays on the foot of the landmark. After that, relax at the picturesque park just outside on sunset for a perfect afternoon. Best of all, no queuing! 

2. Enjoy Empty Dunia Fantasy

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Price Indicator: $$$

Any Jakarta citizen and its surrounding must have at least heard (but mostly have visited) DuFan, the iconic amusement park. If you're experience is anything like mine, chances are you have missed going on some of the rides because the queue is way to long. It is so long it should have been a crime! However, according to their website, DuFan would stay open even during Ramadan day, with prices only slightly more expensive than regular tickets. So after a whole morning of eating curries and family hugs, grab all of your cousins to go for a day of fun.

3. Photo-shoot at Kota Tua

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Price Indicator: $$$

We all have that one Indonesian friend that makes us want to take selfies and pictures in the charming Kota Tua (Old Town for direct translation), only to find out that it is not only packed but also kinda dirty from all the trash. Basically it isn't worth our time to be there in the first place. During lebaran, though, the old side of Jakarta seems to go back in time. Now, you can enjoy biking through old buildings in the colonial era of Indonesia. It is time to take out that dusty camera on your shelf and join me for Instagram posts stocking.

4. Picnic at... All of the Parks

Most of the time Jakarta seems out of place from the country that is nicknamed the emerald of the equator. Even though trees and other plants are scattered around the city, there aren't many places where you can enjoy the shade they provide. And when there are parks, they are usually full with people from all over. During lebaran, be sure to visit ones like Taman Menteng and Taman Suropati, where you can finally have picnics like the ones you see in movies.

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5. Boats, Boats, Boats at Sunda Kelapa Harbour


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Price Indicator: $$$

Love boats? Sunda Kelapa Harbour is where you need to dock your port. Sail on to this historic place where in ancient times it used as THE trading spot of Indonesia, including during the Portuguese, Spanish, and Netherland invasion periods. It won't cost you a treasure chest to get in, only a couple of doubloons. If you're extra... knotty, you can scrub the deck for a nice picture. Just make sure the captain allows it. (Did you get all the puns?)

6. Get Small in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

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Price Indicator: $$$

If miniature things are up your ally, this next destination would be your favorite. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is an educational park designed to mimic Indonesia's finest cultural aspect on a somewhat miniature size. You can find most clothes, houses and other traditional settings from all 33 provinces of our beautiful country. Other than that, there is a science museum, butterfly park, fresh water aquarium, and even a theater on site. It truly embodies the phrase 'small but mighty'.

7. Roam the Malls like the Owner

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Price Indicator: $$$

This might be the favorite thing to do for most people: going to the mall. Fortunately, Jakarta is estimated to have around 130 malls all over the city, with different features to suit anyone. However, your usual crowded and bustling malls  turns into a personal shopping paradise during this special week. Yes, some shops might be closed, but most of them stay open even during the big day. Although there is nothing different product-wise, the calming vibe would make you actually enjoy the experience fully, even just strolling through this time.

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There you go, seven things to do during your staycation in Jakarta. The bottom line, staying back does not mean the end of the world and might just be the one lebaran you won't forget. All in all, whether you are alone, with friends, or with your family, we here at FlySpaces would like to wish you Ramadan Kareem! Or in Indonesian: 'Selamat Lebaran! Mohon maaf lahir batin!'

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