Top 18 Venues in Jakarta for Your Next Event

Jul 13, 2018 4:18:57 PM / by Michael Wu Gunawan

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The type of venue you pick is often a make-or-break factor for your event. If you already have a specific event planned but haven't found the perfect place to host it, don't fret, we are going to share with you our list of the top event venues in Jakarta, specially curated by our local Space Experts. 


kekini event venue

The event space is situated within a cultural heritage building with a calm and inspiring interior design that makes you feel right at home. Fresh wood furniture with a customizable layout that can accommodate to your preferred setting. The surrounding area is a historical area in Jakarta where the presidential palace and national monument are located.

Location: Jalan Cikini Raya No.45, Menteng

Cost: IDR 750K/hour

Suitable for: Team building and birthday party


conclave events space

The rustic and industrial design in this event space give off a 90s New York vibe that will create a memorable experience and everlasting impression. This theatre-like space setting can host up to 125 people, plus it comes fully-equipped with amenities like projectors, microphone, and sound system.

Location: Jalan Wijaya 1 No. 5C, Senopati

Cost: IDR 1,500K/hour

Suitable for: Seminar and presentation.

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The cozy event space in Freeware coworking space is furnished with comfy couches to make attendees feel at home. Tall windows all around provide great natural lighting to take excellent photos during the event without having to use a professional photographer!

Location: Jl. Bangka XII No.4, Kemang

Cost: IDR 1,000K/hour

Suitable for: Book release and movie screening


Concrete event space

Looking for an event venue in the North of Jakarta? There is a beautifully designed multi-purpose hall that comes with an extended courtyard to provide a contrasting yet refreshing scenery to the construction-like themed space. The place is also extremely Instagram-able for those guest that loves sharing on social media platforms.

Location: Jl. Pluit Tim. Raya No.17

Cost: IDR 600K/hour

Suitable for: Networking and workshop


This quirky event space found in a container box is a one-of-a-kind entertainment hub located in South Jakarta. The space provides great sound system and TV screen. Best yet, it has Netflix subscription and homemade ice-cream made by the space owner at an affordable rate!

Location: Jl. Intan Ujung No.11, Cilandak

Cost: IDR 100K/hour

Suitable for: Friends get-together and movie screening

Empu Sendok Art Station [ESAS]

[ESAS] event venue

Recently opening its doors to the public, ESAS is a great addition to the collection of event spaces in Jakarta. An exquisite contemporary multi-functional space designed by internationally renowned Italian artist, Avio Mattiozzi. The space is designed with wide floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, marble floors, and a detailed garden view.

Location: Jalan Taman Empu Sendok No. 39, Senopati

Cost: IDR 1,250K/hour

Suitable for: Intimate social event and exclusive meeting

Kolega x Markplus

With 21 branches located across Indonesia, Kolega coworking space is one of the national champions in the industry. This modern contemporary event space can host up to 90 people. Located in a prime business area in South Jakarta, attendees will have easy access to the event during and after work hours.

Location: Segitiga Emas Business Park, Kuningan

Cost: IDR 1,375K/hour

Suitable for: Press conference and seminar


gowork event space

This aesthetically designed event space located within GoWork is possibly one of the best looking coworking spaces in the city. Designed by award-winning designer Revano Satria, the space features marbled table tops, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a breathtaking view of Central Jakarta. Comes fully-equipped with amenities such as projector screen and audio system, the space is extremely adaptable to any kind of event!

Location: Chubb Square, 9th Floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 10

Cost: IDR 1,150K/hour

Suitable for: Hackathon and panel discussion

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The design of the space (Kawung) located within Kedasi coworking space is a creative mix of Indonesian ethnic batik-like design and cool modern style decor with an open plan, plenty of beanbags, low chairs, and cushions. The venue comes equipped with speakers, microphone, and in-house catering options for events.

Location: Graha Niaga Thamrin Level 6, Kebon Kacang

Cost: IDR 500K/hour

Suitable for: Birthday party and class reunion


Greenhouse event space

Greenhouse as the name suggests, is a space that is built on environmental sustainability. You will feel connected to nature and the community around it and at the same time experience the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest business districts in Jakarta right below your feet. The best of both worlds.

Location: Multivision Tower 25th Floor, Kuningan

Cost: IDR 3,000K/hour

Suitable for: Conference and exclusive product launch


Kinosaurus Flyspaces

Breaking out of the ordinary, the design of this cozy little space has a unique mix of retro-classic style. It is also a micro-cinema - the first of it's kind in Jakarta! Equipped with a first-rate projector and sound system for customers to enjoy the full experience of a presentation or movie.

Location: Jl. Kemang Raya No.8B

Cost: IDR 600K/hour

Suitable for: Workshop, social gathering, and movie screening

Grand Kemang

Situated within a hotel in Kemang, this event venue has the capacity to host 1000 attendees. With more than 40 years of experience as a business hotel in Jakarta, this space has expansive amenities such as boardroom and meeting packages. The hotel personnel are also experienced in curating and supporting corporate events.

Location: Jl. Kemang Raya

Cost: IDR 58,231,250/hour

Suitable for: Annual General Meeting and reception

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Event Space cocowork

Formally known as EV Hive and COCOWORK, CoHive is the most established local coworking space provider in Indonesia. Among the many great event spaces in their inventory, the event space at D.lab provides a spacious area and access to the cafe for some delicious coffee. Its strategic location also allows easy access to transportation as its just a few minutes walk from Sarina Bus Station.

Location: Jl. Riau No.1, Menteng

Cost: IDR 1,250K/hour

Suitable for: Workshop and networking event

Almond Zucchini

Almond Zucchini Kitchen

This two-story private premises is tucked away off the main street in the city centre and in the midst of lush greenery. The space has a professionally designed kitchen and top-of-the-line cooking facilities, tools, and appliances with a dining room featuring high quality dinnerware to match the expansive kitchen. In addition, the space also provides meeting rooms and a rooftop garden.

Location: Jl. Prapanca No.6, Kebayoran Baru

Cost: IDR 2,000K/hour

Suitable for: Cooking class and pop-up dining


One of the best coworking spaces found in West Jakarta, Apiary is notably active in hosting a range of events from business topics to hobbies and interests. If you want to host an event here, you can definitely count on the experience of the staff for all the support you need.

Location: Lippo St.Moritz Tower, Puri

Cost: IDR 750K/hour

Suitable for: Seminars and workshops

Komunitas Salihara

Komunitas Salihara teater

Built by entrepreneurs, artists, and journalists, Komunitas Salihara is the first private multidisciplinary art centre in Indonesia. Recognised as 'The Best Art Space' in 2010 by time out Jakarta, this theatre  event space offers flexibility in stage and seat setting to accommodate different layout requirements.

Location: Jalan Salihara No.16, TB Simatupang

Cost: IDR 1,740K/hour

Suitable for: Art exhibition, music concert, and fashion show


Pperated by the most well-known coworking space operator in the world, this event space at WeWork at Gama Tower provides a strategic location nestled in a bustling business districts in Jakarta with convenient access (5 minutes walk) to the Transjakarta GOR Sumantri Bus Station.

Location: Gama Tower, Kuningan

Cost: IDR 3,000K/hour

Suitable for: Team building and networking

Hause Rooftop

Hause Rooftop

As the name suggest, Hause Rooftop is a rooftop kitchen & bar situated in the heart of buzzing Jakarta. Featuring a stylish green backyard with hanging air plants and potted greens, guests will be able to sip their favourite cocktail while unwinding amongst the foliage and the view of Jakarta's skyline, can you really ask for more?

Location: MD Place, Kuningan

Cost: IDR 2,850K/hour

Suitable for: Music concerts and cocktail party

We hope this list gave you some ideas on places you can host your next social gathering, corporate breakouts or even a cooking workshop to show off your culinary finesse! Book these spaces with us today! Simply send a message to our local Space Expert Cicha at and she will handle the rest.

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