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What a Millennial Entrepreneur Thinks About Flexible Workspaces

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nicky widjajaNicky Widjaja

Here at FlySpaces we talk a lot about how flexible workspaces are great, and we get that it could get a little bias since we are providing one of the best selections of such on our website (which you could find right here). However, is that all true? Well, we reach out to one of the users of a serviced office, Nicky Widjaja. He is a 24 year old entrepreneur in the food consulting business and let's find out more about Nicky’s experiences with flexible office space!

FlySpaces: To begin, can you tell us about the kind of flexible workspace that you are using and your experience working there?

Nicky Widjaja: So far, for my experience… it is quite good, because in our current office they kept the cleanliness on, they serve coffee and tea before you come so you can serve yourself, and so far when you have any problems, you can just ask the front desk and then they can give you a solution. For example, when the air-con is broken, they gave a solution pretty quickly to call the maintenance as soon as possible. So I’d say so far so good. It’s just in my opinion, the one I'm using now is a bit too small. The capacity is only for 6 pax, which I think would not be enough for a bigger company. If it were bigger, I think more and more people would use it more. 

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FS: Have you ever worked in a conventional or traditional office before?

NW: No, not really. This is our first office right of the gate.

FS: Okay, no problem. But why would you choose to work in this flexible workspace instead of creating one in a ‘ruko’ or other traditional ways?

NW: Because this space comes with furniture, internet, decor, pantry, everything. They got a reception area for our guest, even gave us promo before we join in. Not to mention the location is very near to our team’s location which is prime real estate, too. The price is very attractive too, with the promo I mentioned before. They made it very easy for me and my team to just move in directly.

For the brand itself, the most important thing for me is their SEO. When I searched for private offices or coworking spaces on Google, the first thing that pops up for me is this brand. Later I found out that they have a venue near me and my team as well. On top of that, I can move around for meetings and other agenda within a limited quota with this brand, so it’s a no-brainer for me.

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FS: So what is now the goal in terms of offices? Would you continue using flexible options or would you go to conventional in the future?

NW: Well to be quite honest I will be moving to a conventional office. Not because flexible is not satisfying which they do, but because the industry that I’m in requires me to have a test kitchen and other facilities that this private office can’t provide for now. In my opinion, the main weakness for the flexible office is just that for my industry, because we need places to do research and development. But for consultation purposes, it is more than enough. Again, my experience with the venue has been amazing and comfortable. I even now worry about the ease and comfort that comes with my private office now which I won't have anymore later, so that is a true advantage of them. 

FS: Last question, would you recommend for people to work in flexible workspaces?

NW: Absolutely. As I said, they have been amazing with my company from the start. They lack a couple of details, like the small space and lack of community events, but I am impressed and would definitely recommend others to work in a similar workspace.

There you have it! If you need an office space similar to Nicky, or completely different too, don't hesitate to leave you information down below or contact our space experts here. We could surely help you so your work experience is as good as his, or maybe better!

Nicky Widjaja is the managing director of WIN-WIN SOLUTIONS, a food consulting company based in Tangerang, Indonesia. His clients include several big restaurants and cafes in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

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