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Working in Kuala Lumpur: Healthier Workspace for Greater Productivity

common ground jaya oneCommon Ground Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Offices have undergone global evolution. The mid-2000s have seen the dying of cubicle desks and the ascent of open, shared workspaces. Inspired by Google’s cool office concept, the waves of ping pong and foosball tables and any other entertainments have started being implemented in many offices. Even if office developments will continue to alter, the impact of work is nevertheless unchanged on the employee’s well being and life-balance.

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Employees stay at the office for at least a third of a day and it can result in aches, pains, and eventually stress unless it is set the right way of doing so. This demonstrates that people and companies are not making well-being in the workplace as a priority. The first thing on the list has always been productivity. Perhaps this may lead to consideration to the cultivation of a sound and green working environment. At the end of the day, a comfortable and happy worker is a productive one.

Here are some ideas which may have been implemented in many flexible workspaces (if not yet, maybe you could suggest one to your coworking operator) to guarantee that you experience the most healthy working atmosphere possible.

Ditch That Sit-Down-Desk

Screenshot_2019-07-10 17 Cool Things You Can Only Find At This Coworking Space In The Starling
Co-Labs The Starling Mall, Damansara Utama

When you're sitting down for eight or more hours a day, you can start to feel pain in your neck, cause you to gain weight, and even premature death. These are just some of the reasons that adjustable desks are becoming more popular as they enable you to work sitting down and standing up. 

Dr. Zarinah Hud agrees that office staff should change comfort and health care desks. She suggests you should be standing more than you are sitting because the average person burns a further 50 calories in an hour. Plus, always try to modify your seating position frequently even when you use a standing desk. An adjustable standing desk, like what Co-Labs has, that can be easily lowered to a seated position is a perfect one!

Choose The Ergonomic

common ground-5Common Ground Wisma UOA, Damansara Heights

If you find yourself suffering from back pain including sciatica, or just want to sit better, then you should consider a chair that has a cozy pad and straps on the back and legs to encourage a better posture. You can find these ergonomic chairs in all Common Ground outlets, and they are ultra-portable. Perhaps, if you back gives you pain frequently, stash your desk drawer with a mini massage stick for a quick massage break.

Keeping Germs At Bay

clean deskImage credit

It is a great idea to ensure that air is clean and intact in your office to safeguard against a multitude of airborne viruses that can cause illness. Try to insert an air purifier or air diffuser to make your room feel relaxing. In fact, the average desk holds the germs of the toilet more than 400 times. Keeping your desk clean, tidy, and organized will maintain the hygiene and control the germs. Dusting and cleaning your office on the regular are so much simpler when cables are properly stored. 

Perfect Lighting

vida bukit ceylon 1Crossroads Vida Bukit Ceylon, Bukit Bintang

It’s extremely essential that your lighting promotes productivity and helps you maximize your working day since low light can tighten your eyes and make you feel fatigued. You may choose the finest light for your mood in generating an ideal environment for work and play at your office. While natural lighting is good for photos, it is also the perfect lighting in many workspaces. Not only do workers with natural light exposure have a greater chance of working a full schedule, but they are also more happy to work on it. There has been a well-studied link between natural light and vitamin D. Vitamin D can help improve health in a wide range of ways, including battling depression, diabetes, and chronic pain. 

Release from The Real Pain in The Neck

colony 2Colony Vipod, KLCC

If your work requires you to make phone calls at frequent times, the headset can cause severe neck pain while holding it between your head and shoulder. It may also be difficult to focus with excessively noisy office situations. With soundproof phone booths being provided in many coworking spaces, you may now solve the two issues by completing your task in the room while turning your phone into a loudspeaker. Like Colony, their phone booths are luxuriously designed for creating a moment of peace in an open office and giving you a sense of coziness.

Healthy Lifestyle

weworkWeWork Equatorial Plaza, Bukit Bintang

Given a choice of coffee, tea, water, obviously water is the healthiest option, isn’t it? While in WeWork, members can always enjoy the invigorating fruit-infused water at any of their office spaces, globally! Sweet, refreshing, and healthy is all that you deserve while unwinding after work or in between, even to kick start your day right. Not only that, some offices nowadays provide equipped breakout areas or hold an occasional event for their community such as yoga class, kick-boxing, and many more.

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A quality design of the workspace contributes to a less stressful and more productive environment. Companies should take into account their staff’s physical job atmosphere. Employees have to feel comfortable, calm, and energetic to generate the best work within their physical working environment.

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