2016 South East Asian Economic Comparison Report

Jun 9, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Nicole Adarme

Several companies have asked us to gather data on the markets in which we are operating. True enough, it's no simple feat to enter a foreign market and set up operations. Between the pre-entry market research, legal requirements, finding the right people to manage day-to-day functions, and of course locking down the right workspace - it can be very difficult to determine how to start.

We've put together this infographic to display an overview of Southeast Asia's economic performance in 2016.


2016 econ comparison 1
2016 econ comparison 2


Topics: Singapore, Southeast Asia, Philippines, infographic, malaysia, economic performance, industry insights, city guide

Nicole Adarme
Nicole Adarme

Nicole is a seasoned marketer who writes to inspire and help readers discover the rapidly developing workspace industry in Southeast Asia. She is proud to work with a company that empowers other businesses to grow and operate more effectively.

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