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No Hidden Fees! 5 Transparently Affordable Coworking Spaces in Singapore


If you are a start-up, a freelancer or a remote worker looking for a conducive space in Singapore to get work done and do not have that big of a budget to invest in an office space, event venues and functions, we suggest opting for coworking spaces with cheap rentals. While a handful boasts gorgeous interiors and are strategically located in the CBD of Singapore, these usually command a premium price. And if that is way out of your budget, consider some of these affordable coworking spaces that provide conducive environments to get your work sorted. Plus, these spaces are also equipped with the necessary amenities - think speedy internet access, meeting rooms and pantries - that you would require.

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Apart from the modern facilities, these coworking spaces have also integrated safe distancing measures and other health protocols to ensure a safe workplace for all individuals. This would mean that dedicated desks would be placed one metre apart from each other while meeting rooms may only hold up to a maximum of eight people. Not forgetting, workers would also be required to have their masks on unless consuming food and drinks.

From collaborative rooms to private offices, we suss out five of the most affordable coworking spaces in Singapore to keep tabs on if you need a change in environment from your current setup.

Our Picks

1. Ucommune One North


Founded in 2015, UCommune's chic and roomy space lends a comfortable environment to get work done. Members will also enjoy state-of-the-art technology like face-recognition to access the premises, as well as free use of meeting rooms and administrative support. It is located at One North, which is a vibrant research and business park known for its unique work-live-play-learn environment that enables the integration of industry-centric developments with residential communities. Such a space provides a vibrant environment for innovative minds to congregate, collaborate, and create.

Price for 1 pax/month: $250

Address: 67 Ayer Rajah Crescent Singapore 139950

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2. Crosscoop


Located in a variety of cities such as Tokyo, Jakarta and of course, Singapore, this coworking space offers a chic, spacious and conducive environment to clock in some solid hours of productivity. Bonus: the staff at Crosscoop are known to be multilingual, being able to speak English, Japanese and Chinese. Plus, they also pride themselves for their premium Japanese hospitality so you know you will be getting the best service here.

Price for 1 pax/month: $200

Address: 80 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068898

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3. Spectrum - DUO Tower


The brand believes in forging mutually beneficial relationships between members and strategic partners by facilitating the exchange of ideas, expertise and business opportunities within its members. Thus, the space is known for its diverse community from different industries such as fintech, medtech, and e-Commerce. Spectrum also features a well-stocked pantry and enterprise-grade WiFi and IT support for optimal productivity. Bonus: It even has an in-house consultancy service to help businesses thrive.

Address: 3 Fraser Street DUO Tower, #05-21 Singapore 189352

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4. ClubCo - The Quadrant

ClubCo - The Quadrant

If you're looking for a cosy coworking space, ClubCo might just be the answer. Tucked away at Cecil Street, the space is nestled in an architectural shophouse and spans over two stories. The Quadrant houses a roomy coworking space with multiple private offices and meeting rooms while an alfresco rooftop space is ideal for community events, workshops and private parties.

Price for 1 pax/month: $200

Address: 19 Cecil St, The Quadrant Level #04-00 Singapore 049704

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5. The Drop - Focus One Building

The Drop

The Drop is set within a two-storey unit and was designed with flexibility to cater to entrepreneurs in Singapore. The first floor houses a spacious warehouse-inspired event venue while the second floor features a cosy coworking space. The unit also comes with a shower facility, rooftop balcony and complimentary meeting room use.

Price for 1 pax/month: $180

Address: 1 Ubi View, 03-14 Focus One Building, Singapore 408555

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Address: 1 Ubi View, 03-14 Focus One Building, Singapore 408555

If you are just starting your career and currently improving the setup of your business, consider the benefits and perks of working from a coworking environment. This guide is written specifically for those who want to know more about coworking spaces and to get the most out of it.


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