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[CONTEST CLOSED] ATTENTION MANILA: Big Prizes, Free Food and More!

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Thanks to everyone who joined! Our judges have seen all your entries, and are voting on the winners. Stay tuned for updates on our Instagram (@flyspacesasia) and Facebook pages!


Win unlimited Guavapass subscriptions and FlySpaces Passport for two + a party for your office!

 FlySpaces is launching its first ever contest! And what better place to launch it than in the city we were born? 

That's right, people of Manila. You and your favorite coworker could each win some awesome prizes with the #CoWorkMakestheDreamWork Contest! The pair that best shows us how coworking makes their dreams work will each receive:

  • a 3-month unlimited Guavapass subscription, which gives you access to gyms and fitness studios all over Metro Manila; 
  • a 3-month unlimited FlySpaces Passport, which gives you access to coworking spaces all around the Metro;
  • and a pizza-and-beer party for your office!

Don't miss a chance to work on your fitness goals and career goals together! It's open to everyone working in Metro Manila, so what are you waiting for?

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Follow @flyspacesasia on Instagram.
  2. Post a photo of you and ONE coworker in your favorite workspace.
  3. Write a caption describing how your coworker helps you achieve your goals.
  4. Use the hashtag #CoWorkMakestheDreamWork so we can find your entry!
  5. Don't forget to tag your coworker on your post + tag the space you're working in (if applicable)!

We'll be counting all entries from November 19 - December 7, 2018; we'll be announcing the winners right after! For more details, see below FAQs and Terms and Conditions.

Follow @flyspacesasia on Instagram now!


1. Who can join?

This contest is open to everyone 18 years old and above and working in Metro Manila.  It doesn’t matter if you work at a traditional office or a coworking space; if you’ve got a coworker and a workspace, you can join the contest together.

2. What is coworking?

You’ve probably heard of coworking spaces: open workspaces that allow you to work productively, while meeting and interacting with various people also working at these spaces. For the purpose of this contest, “coworking” is all about having a space to grow and a community to help you along the way.

3. Who is my coworker?

You coworker is anyone you see/interact with at work on a regular basis. He or she is someone who helps, encourages, or inspires you to work harder to reach your dreams! Your coworker can be your friend, your boss, and/or your mentor. They could even be someone working outside your company-as long as they share the same workspace with you!

4. What are the prizes?

We’ll be giving away PHP 30,000 worth of prizes. These consist of two 3-month unlimited Guavapass subscriptions, two 3-month unlimited FlySpaces Passport subscriptions (one of each for your and your coworker!), as well as a pizza-and-beer party for you and up to 30 of your coworkers at your workspace!

Guavapass is a subscription service that gives its members access to fitness studios and gyms in multiple cities across Asia. A subscription allows the member to book fitness classes﹣including yoga, boxing, pilates, Crossfit and more﹣with any of its partner studios. For more information, visit their website at guavapass.com.

FlySpaces is Southeast Asia’s number one platform for flexible workspaces. With FlySpaces Passport for Manila, members can book coworking desks at any of FlySpaces’ Passport Partners within Metro Manila﹣from Alabang to Quezon City. For more information on Passport, check out our website at flyspaces.com/passport.

5. How many times can I enter?

Enter as many times as you want--provided that your coworking partner is different everytime! If you’ve been featured as someone else’s coworker in their own entry, you can upload an entry of your own with another coworker!

6. How will you choose the winner?

Our winner will be chosen by a panel of judges chosen by FlySpaces, at their discretion. We’ll be using the following criteria for judging:

55% - Creativity: How creatively did you make your photo and caption?

35% - Relevance: How did your post show the spirit of coworking, and how did it help you get closer to your dreams?

10% - Engagement: Did your post touch or inspire anyone else in your social circle? As seen in its likes, comments and shares

8. How can I better my chances of winning?

  • Get creative! Creativity is a big chunk of our criteria, and the most eye-catching photos and authentic, well-written captions get us excited!
  • Make sure your account is public for the duration of the contest! Or else we wouldn’t be able to see your entry.
  • Enter multiple times and share this with your friends! Though having more entries than anybody else will not guarantee a win, familiar faces are more likely to get our panel’s attention.
  • Engagement on your post in the form of likes and comments help you get your post noticed by our panel﹣and ups your engagement score. 

9. How will the winners be notified?

We’ll be announcing the winners on our Instagram page within 28 days after the contest closes. We will also be sending a DM to the original poster of the entry to coordinate with them on giving the prizes.

10. What is FlySpaces?

FlySpaces is Southeast Asia’s leading online platform for listing and finding flexible workspaces. You can browse and book coworking spaces, serviced offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, and event spaces anytime you want. We’re present in Manila, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and more! Check out our website flyspaces.com to learn more!

    1. The #CoWorkMakestheDreamWork contest is fully run and sponsored by FlySpaces. It is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, nor associated with Instagram, Facebook and/or Guavapass.   
    2. No purchase necessary to enter the competition. Any previous transactions or relationship with FlySpaces will not affect the chances of winning.
    3. By entering this competition, entrant indicates that he/she fully agrees to the Terms and Conditions as stated on this page.
    4. Contest runs from November 19 - December 7, 2018. It will close on December 7, 2018 at 11:59PM PHT. After this date, no more entries will be considered. However, FlySpaces may, at their discretion, extend or shorten the contest period, within which time all posts uploaded will be considered valid. FlySpaces will announce on its Instagram page as soon as any changes are made to the contest period.
    5. Contest is open to all residents of the Philippines 18 years old and above, and working in Metro Manila.
    6. Eligible entries should meet the following criteria:
      1. Account used to post entry must be following @flyspacesasia
      2. Photo must be uploaded using a public account. FlySpaces will not count as valid any entries not visible to it due to its being uploaded via a private account.
      3. Photo must show the account owner and ONE coworker (as defined in the above FAQ) in their favorite workspace.
      4. Caption should include the contest hashtag, #CoWorkMakestheDreamWork and talk about how their coworker helps them get closer toward their dreams.
    7. FlySpaces will, at their discretion, determine a panel of judges to choose the winners based on the following criteria.

      55% - Creativity. How creatively did you make your photo and caption?

      35% - Relevance. How did your post show the spirit of coworking, and how did it help you get closer to your dreams?

      10% - Engagement. Did your post touch or inspire anyone else in your social circles? As seen in its likes, comments and shares

    8. FlySpaces shall announce the winners within 28 days after contest closing by posting on its Instagram page as well as sending a private message to the account used to upload the original entry.
    9. Prize will be given in the form of a unique code generated for the winners, to be used on their own accounts on Guavapass and FlySpaces. Food and beverages, as well as delivery to the venue, for the party prize will be fully sponsored by FlySpaces. FlySpaces shall coordinate with the office or coworking space of the winner to set up the party; however, the office/coworking space is responsible for providing the venue for the party.
    10. Prizes are as stated and cannot be converted into cash. Prizes are also non-transferrable. FlySpaces has the right to substitute the prize with another of equivalent value in the case of events outside of its control.
    11. By entering, entrants give FlySpaces permission to share or use in their publicity materials any and all content they have posted related to the contest (as indicated by their use of the hashtag #CoWorkMakestheDreamWork) as well as the names and Instagram handles of the entrants and their coworkers (as seen in their entries).
    12. By entering, entrants and their coworkers may be asked to provide information, including but not limited to their name and email address. This data will be used by FlySpaces and will not be given to any other party without prior consent from the entrant/coworker. Information from the winners will be used to coordinate on matters regarding the contest and details on the prize. FlySpaces may also give the entrant an option to receive updates, promotions, and newsletters from FlySpaces.
    13. Any information entrants may provide, whether by default via their entry or given freely at the request of FlySpaces, will be used in conjunction with the following Privacy Policy found at https://flyspaces.com/privacy-policy.
    14. FlySpaces has the right to cancel or modify these Terms and Conditions in light of circumstances and events beyond its control. FlySpaces will notify entrants as soon as possible of any changes made.
    15. FlySpaces has the right to cancel this contest following any events outside of FlySpaces’ control that would make cancelling the contest necessary.

Ready to achieve your fitness goals and career goals? Head on over to our Instagram page and join the contest now!


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