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"Coworking Spaces Decrease Productivity:" True or False?

Coworking is the fastest growing trend in the business world. Like any sort of work, it requires attention and complete focus of the individual which cannot be guaranteed when working from home. This is why we are seeing freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and other startups across Southeast Asia increasingly moving towards coworking environments.

The misconception that working in a coworking environment decreases productivity stems from a few reasons.

  1. Working in a space full of hustle and bustle will cause distractions.

  2. No one will be able to focus on their task at hand, as they waste too much time chatting during work.

But the question is, if a coworking space decreases productivity, then why has it continued to gain popularity? The answer lies in the very benefits of coworking conditions that are best for them including the increase of productivity of the businesses that they require most.

If you are working from home then there are a number of chores that can distract you from work which includes watching over the kids, making lunch, or doing the dishes. All these things consume a lot of your time and attention and that focus on which you were working is broken. However, coworking allows you the flexibility to do your independent work in a professional yet comfortable setting.

What is Coworking?

Coworking means that workspaces in which independent mobile workers can operate side by side with one another, however, their work will be independent and they will have their own projects. The main aim of the coworking environment, it is to provide the individuals with an opportunity to do their own work in a shared environment which leads to more business contacts, innovation, and acquiring creative business skills.

This is the reason that independent professionals of creative industry such as PR, tech marketing, journalism, and other consultancy fields are fans of coworking spaces. Though each coworking space is different from the other as well as the experience of a coworker, there is a significant amount of research that clearly defines the benefits of operating in a coworking space. Here are some statistics that will make you amazed and defines our favoritism towards the coworking spaces.

The research was done by Deskmag and Deskwanted and learned the benefits of working in a coworking space. According to the research;

  1. 86% of coworkers reported larger business networks.

  2. 74% coworkers were more productive.

  3. 93% witnessed a bigger social network.

  4. Two-thirds of the coworkers felt more collaborative and creative on the projects.

  5. An increase in income was also reported by a third of coworkers.

How it increases productivity:

Here are the benefits of coworking and the ways in which coworking leads to better productivity.

1. Creative Collaboration:

Coworking allows you to be communicative and collaborative with other creative people like the entrepreneurs, small businesses, or freelancers. This helps to increase your creativity and also makes it more inspiring to work as you can get advice and empowerments on your business. Being collaborative allows you to brainstorm and capture new perspectives of doing your business and you will learn so much without the headache of the employer watching you. Your overall productivity, creativity and motivation will be boosted by looking at others and their ways of doing business and dealing with obstacles.

2. Networking:

Coworking provides you with the power of networking as there are a number of people with varying skill sets. With the help of networking, you will be able to find solutions when you are stuck with a specific problem that does not come under your expertise. This way you can outsource some parts of your projects to the people who are better at doing that and you can focus on the things that you can do best and that fall within your skills and expertise and thus increasing your productivity through networking, each element fo your project will be optimal.

3. Separate Work & Personal Life:

While working at home you are unable to separate your life from work, it will help you to keep your personal life and work life in balance. Coworking spaces will make you more productive by following the work schedules and work in a distraction-free environment. This will spice up your motivation level as everyone in your workspace will be fixated towards success helping you to flourish and be productive. It allows you to get your head in the game and work independently in a stress-free shared environment.

4. Added Amenities:

What else will you want? when you have a number of amenities at your workspace which is lacking when you are working alone. The coworking spaces provide you with the latest amenities that may include scanner, printer, fax machines, projectors, whiteboards and as well as free coffee. All these things available at your place will allow you to save so much time that is spent on searching of these amenities otherwise. This leads to increased productivity and output. 

5. The Sense of Urgency:

When you are at home working you may feel tired or lazy or just don’t feel like to work. While in a coworking space, there is a sense of urgency as everyone around you is achieving their goals, therefore, you are also more motivated towards your work and targets.

Great examples of coworking spaces around the region include:


1. The Great Room

2. JustCo

3. Distrii


1. Work Folk

2. Ignition Venture Studio

3. The Common Space


1. CoHive

2. WeWork


Kuala Lumpur


2. Common Ground

3. CO3 Social Office 

Final verdict:

Coworking is the new way of working that leads to innovation, creativity, and productivity. This can also be a way of change in management for companies that seek promotion of its implicit values. If you'd like to learn more about the different coworking options available to you feel free to reach out to us at info@flyspaces.com 

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