25 May 2020 Suvi Hoikka

Workplace Mobility Strategy Post COVID-19: Safe Re-Entry Solutions

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Common Ground, Malaysia

As governments begin easing lockdown policies around the region, businesses are starting to think about their workplace re-entry plans. However, continued guidelines on social distancing will need to be taken into account as companies go back to work. In some cities, such as Manila, this translates to workspace densities being reduced to at least 50%. Nevertheless, businesses have some options for this new normal:

      1. Find a short-term office space 
      2. Implement remote work policies for employees
      3. Adopt split team shifting

But how can companies implement these workplace re-entry options? There are a few possibilities, such as allowing employees to continue working from home or renting alternative office spaces around the city. However, the former may not be an ideal solution due to connectivity issues, cyber security concerns, and overall productivity, whilst the latter can be an expensive option that most companies at this time cannot afford. This is where flexible workspaces can help companies: by offering cost-efficient and short-term leases on safe and secure workspaces. 

In a time when remote work has been truly tested and proven to work in many cases across many industries, employees will continue to look for this flexibility. In fact, a recent survey by IBM shows 75% would like to continue remote working part of the time, whilst 40% feel strongly their employee should offer opt-in remote work options when returning to normal operations. By offering flexible workspaces to employees when we come out of our various lockdowns, companies can maintain flexibility whilst providing a productive environment for their teams. 

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To help companies manage their workplace re-entry strategy, our team at FlySpaces have been working on offering various solutions that provide flexibility and agility during this uncertain time. FlySpaces Passport is one of our key solutions for businesses of all sizes: offering customizable plans that provide access to over 70 flexible workspaces around Southeast Asia. 


Key features of FlySpaces Passport

How FlySpaces Passport Can Help Your Post COVID-19 Plans

1. Workplace Mobility

As we have all experienced, things can change rapidly. Companies need to stay agile in case of another outbreak or another crisis. Providing alternative workspaces for different teams can help reduce potential disruption to your business and can help keep employees safe. Having FlySpaces Passport part of your business continuity plan (BCP) will ensure that you always have access to a safe and secure workspace in a location closer to you. 

2. Remote Work Locations Closer to Home

Once lockdowns are lifted, staying close to home will be important for many employees with most schools closed until later this year. Parents will have to juggle work and family when they return to work. To make the transition easier, FlySpaces Passport offers flexible workspaces with a stable internet connection and a good environment that are closer to home. Likewise, new COVID-19 outbreaks need to be taken into consideration. By providing alternative workspace locations, employers can stay agile and quick-to-respond to new circumstances whilst also reducing the risk of exposure to employees. 

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3. Decentralize Your Workforce

As mentioned, new social distancing measures may lead to companies decentralizing their workforces by reducing the number of employees at the HQ. FlySpaces Passport will offer employees a network of workspaces that have implemented new protocols for ensuring the health and safety of their members. Likewise, this can help reduce costs spent on office space as FlySpaces Passport offers the best rates in comparison to traditional office space. 

How FlySpaces Passport Worksflyspaces-passport-mobile-app-desktop

      1. Purchase a monthly subscription with a customizable number of work seats. For example, a package of 20 passes will allow for 1 person to enjoy 20 passes, or a team of 5 to enjoy 4 day passes each. Use the plan amongst however many people you choose!
      2. Login into FlySpaces (on desktop or via the mobile app) and then select the space you wish to work from and invite your colleagues. Book the space and receive your confirmation.
      3. Show up to the space on the given day, and enjoy safe and secure working!

What FlySpaces Passport Users Have Said

Over the last couple years, many individuals and large companies have used FlySpaces Passport for their workspace needs. 

"I love how FlySpaces Passport enables me to conveniently book various coworking spaces across Jakarta. The package is affordable and flexible, while the platform allows me to easily search and book for spaces," said Bunga Manggiasih, Communications Manager at Indonesian Arts Coalition. "FlySpaces customer service is also top-notch, providing me with quick and helpful assistance."

Get in touch with us at info@flyspaces.com to learn more about FlySpaces Passport or visit our page created exclusively for your BCP needs



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