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Last Minute Office New Year Party Ideas

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You were sitting at your desk in middle December, minding your company’s business, when in storms your boss dropping the news: you’re planning the New Year Party. Now you’re panicked; good restaurants, celebration, or any group activity must be fully booked at this point. There’s no way you could have an awesome party now, you might think? Calm down, FlySpaces got you covered! We know how stressful it is to plan your own party without any guidance, so we prepared a list of ideas that might be good to take a cup o’ kindness yet for auld lang syne!

1. Fun Walk, New Years Morning

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Now, before you boo at the idea, think about it. Most of your coworkers would want to spend time with their family when the ball drops. They’re going to eat a lot of heavy food and drink just as heavy then sit around in front of the television or looking out the window. Meaning: they need to prepare their stomach for the night! A good exercise in the morning would be very much ideal, then. Trust me, all the moms would love you for it.

2. Grand Office Game Tournament

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If there is an Olympic game every 4 years, there should be an Office Olympic too! We all know how much fun it is to goof around the office with a couple of silly games, so why not make a whole event out of it. Imagine everyone, including your strict boss, laughing together over a game of musical chairs or trick soda pong. If you need inspirations, just click this link for a whole variety of unique and fun games you can play at your office!

3. Outdoor Barbecue

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Do you know what everyone would expect to do during a New Years eve party? The fireworks, of course! What better way to enjoy that than with an outdoor all-together barbecue. It’s usually not that hard to assemble: just a couple of meat and vegetarian options, a grill, and a few side dishes and drinks that you can arrange for others to bring. Plus, it can also be an easy-themed party, like ugly sweaters or hats, and you can set up a photo booth and other fun stuff there too! It will show that you have both a chill side and a fun side.

4. Take-out Potluck


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I think everyone can agree on this: Potluck usually sucks. Maybe the guests just can’t cook, or they forgot, or many other excuses that made your party less memorable because of the food. Well, a take-out potluck is nothing like that. Make everyone order food within a budget from places nearby the office but fit the entire group, then put them all together in one table. This way, you know for sure that there will be food and it’s good. Who knows, you can even discover new gems of culinary delights around the office too!

5. ‘Swag’ Lottery

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This could be the entire event or part of the ones above. Have a lottery worth of voucher for chores in the office for the next year. For example, one could be for other people to finish a lengthy report, another could be a free ride to the office from someone. Maybe even a gift card or one dinner paid by the office at a company partner’s restaurant chain. Get creative with the things that might be highly valuable, specifically for your crowd of coworkers.

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There you go! Hopefully, you have an idea of what to do this New Year. One thing for sure though; be sure to have fun! If next year you might want to plan things a bit ahead, we have a selection of event spaces for you and your office’s next party or other agenda! Just contact our Space Experts at info@flyspaces.com if you need more information. Now, let’s all go off to sing that one New Year song that we all just know the tunes of and welcome the next year with cheer!

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