29 March 2016 Nicole Adarme

Regus: Revolutionizing Workspaces for Google, Apple, and PH Tech Startups

Now more than ever, technology has become accessible to almost everyone in the world. It is embedded in every aspect of our lives, thanks to the growing tech industry and their quest for innovation. Tech startups are being launched left and right, offering unique and creative solutions for day-to-day problems our world faces. But until they hit the big time, most of these companies are fledgling startups with modest capital. To be able to operate effectively, they rely on flexible workspace solutions to build up their company. 

Flyspaces short-term workspaces

Marco Polo, Regus Business Center in Ortigas

The past decade has ushered a growing demand for affordable, and yet fully-operational workspaces to counter the sky high rental fees of professional offices located in business districts. Serviced offices from Regus help cater to tech companies as a practical short-term workspace option. Regus is the largest provider of serviced offices in the world, with over 3,000 business centers across 900 cities and 120 countries – 22 of which are located in the Philippines with 20 offices across Metro Manila and 2 in Cebu City.

Flyspaces short-term workspaces

Net Lima, Regus Business Center in Bonifacio Global City

Regus’ business centers can accommodate companies of different sizes, providing administrative services, modern office equipment and conference and meeting facilities when needed, among other items. This proves to be an attractive deal not only for tech startups, but also for global corporations like Google, Apple, and Toshiba - all of which outsource their workspace needs to Regus, allowing operation of their business in various locations in different countries. Google alone uses 70 Regus locations worldwide, including one for their offices in the Philippines.

Tech Companies’ Need for Flexibility and Mobility 

Flyspaces short-term workspaces

Joy Nostalg Center, Regus Business Center in Ortigas

By taking advantage of Regus’ services, tech companies can focus on improving their product and making their mark on the industry. Even Google, the biggest tech company in the world, relies on Regus’ facilities management when they need to set up an office at a new location. Instead of developing one of its famously designed offices from scratch, they use available Regus business centers until they’ve either outgrown it and are ready to create their own space. Toshiba has also used Regus’ offices to expand their operations in other countries. It’s a simple, cost-effective strategy that doesn’t require a long term commitment that could hinder growth or inefficiently use the company’s money.

Here are a few other services from Regus that help tech companies optimize their business:

Flexible Rates

With the steep office rates in the city, it’s no wonder that tech startups choose to rent a Regus business center instead. Regus offers flexible rates that cater to all kinds of businesses. Depending on the size of your team and your budget, you can find of a private office space on a daily or monthly basis. This allows you to allocate your business funds toward other expenses by avoiding a long-term lease contract.

Customizable Bandwidth

Flyspaces short-term workspaces

Joy Nostalgia Center, Regus Business Center in Ortigas

Because of the nature of their business, tech companies rely heavily on the Internet to operate effectively. They require a fast and consistent connection so as not to delay deliverables or negatively affect their business. If they plan to set up an office in one of Regus’ business centers in the Philippines, they have the option to operate within a 1 mbps to 100 mbps connection speed. You can customize your bandwidth depending on your company’s requirements and prevent any connection problems, especially for crucial events like launches and video conferences with clients and investors.

Backup Power

Speaking of crucial times, in case of a power outage in one of Regus’ serviced offices, backup power will be activated to avoid any interruption on business operations. They have dedicated generators and such for these types of incidents so clients can carry on and focus on the important things.

Workplace Recovery

Flyspaces short-term workspaces

Marco Polo, Regus Business Center in Ortigas

Regus’ Workplace Recovery Program provides support to clients, allowing them to transfer to another Regus office should their current space experience any major disruptions such as a natural disaster or other interruption that could affect business operations. This service is pivotal in the wake of a major incident that could cripple your day-to-day proceedings. In case of a fire, flood, or power failure, companies will immediately be transferred to a new office location in order to streamline operations with minimal delay. Regus guarantees minimal interruption for the transfer, as well as dedicated support to help the set up at the new office.

Business Continuity Program (BCT)

Flyspaces short-term workspaces

Net Lima, Regus Business Center in Bonifacio Global City

Regus’ BCT or Business Continuity Program allows clients to pick up where they leave off from any Regus location and restart elsewhere, with Regus’ excellent calibre service waiting for them. In case your team needs to transfer or expand your operations in a new city, Regus will guide you through all the necessary steps to successfully move from one office to another. This also applies to meeting rooms and conference areas, with access to Regus’ state-of-the-art amenities and equipment.

Building a company is no easy feat, especially in the highly competitive tech industry. With new products and services being launched everyday, it will take well thought of and highly captivating idea to get noticed. It’s a great thing not to have to worry about office and administrative requirements with Regus. Businesses can focus on honing their product and building their teams in a flexible and fully-operational office space.   

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