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How Singapore's Coworking Space Design Improves Productivity

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Heading towards 2020, we're living in a world surrounded by technology and innovation. Little do we know that the more hi-tech our lives become, the more nature we need. It lies at the core of human evolution.

Humans have always had an intimate relationship with the earth. Our innate affliction for nature depends on nature's restorative impacts. The abrupt extension of urbanization has dramatically limited our connection with the natural world. The city scene, full of elevated buildings and commercial activities along with digital distractions has driven us into a 'nature shortage'.

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Many people are spending most of their time either working or commuting. This is why modern flexible office spaces came in to make our lives less stressful. More than a breath of fresh air, coworking spaces focus more on productivity, wellness, and mindfulness via the services offered in the modern workspaces.

We should always try to set aside time during the day to immerse ourselves with the natural views to nurture our "nature neurons" as well as to invoke natural creativity. Ultimately, a workplace designed with nature in mind sets up a happier working life which generates productivity for our work and minimizes illness and absenteeism.

According to CBRE Research, Singapore ranked in 5th across the six major gateway cities in the Asia Pacific analyzed in terms of the largest volume of green office space with approximately 13 million sqft.

The Singaporean Government envisions that by 2030, at least 80% of all buildings in Singapore will be certified green by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA), and developers are on board with this push. Plus, the government policy would be a key in promoting the growth of green office space across APAC with the help of authorities to mandate regulations requiring compliance of green building construction.

Nature, Coworking, and Productivity

In these times, a coworking space is considered outdated if it's not green. This happens due to the concern towards global warming issues and also the sustainable lifestyle that most creative entrepreneurs hold onto.

Working from a so-called green office allows you to explore the environmental impacts of your workplace. Companies should now pay attention to employee's productivity who want the best workspace, instead of focusing too much on measuring their targets and company's overall profits. People, they are the bloodline of a company. Thus, companies should have at least invested a bit more on providing a sustainable workplace to employees in achieving higher employee comfort and engagement.

You'll be surprised how the modern offices with some nature touch could help your business! Not only the enjoyment at work, but the energy and sustainability measures can also keep utility costs consistent and even lower them. On the flip side, your business' corporate social responsibility (CRS) is checked! It shows that you're actively giving back to the community.

5 Flexible Workspaces Designed With Nature in Mind in Singapore

In tandem with this post, let's take a swift look at some of the private offices and coworking spaces in Singapore for rent designed with nature in mind:


greenhub, west-one north

Just like its name suggests, GreenHub provide an office space with tranquility and green design. Enhance yourself here with the solace and productivity vibe. Breathe in the oxygen produced from the plants clustered in the common area to awake you. Its breakout zone is likewise intended to join both natural and contemporary office elements to guarantee an environment that cultivates collaboration and brotherhood.

Rate: from S$375 monthly

Location: 27 West Coast Highway Viaduct, Singapore 117867

Servcorp, CapitaGreen

servcorp capitagreen

All that you need for a fruitful day of work is here at Servcorp. The amenities are nothing short of stellar, with the inclusion of numerous state-of-the-art energy-saving features. Also, those decors, upbeat wooden floors, contemporary artworks, and the much-appreciated phone booths add to the appeal. It's an ideal space for CBD bees. The location flaunts excellent feasting choices along with a lush greenery view from every office's window to its private garden sanctuary.

Rate: from S$350 per month

Location: Level 24, 138 Market St, Singapore 048946

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Wotso, Cecil Street

wotso, cecil street

Tucked away cozily on Cecil Street, Wotso ticks all the boxes: the cutting edge concept inner and outer space kitted out with contemporary furnishings and even better: it’s open to anyone. Unleash your inner creativity in this space with the help of natural light permeating throughout the space, creating a sense of spaciousness. In need of a change of scene? Walk to its lovely sky terrace, and make the most of your work while letting your hair be blown by the wind.

Rate: at a monthly rate of S$300

Location: 19 Cecil St, 049704

The Hive, Clark Quay

the hive

The breezy space of The Hive will lift up your state of mind while getting your creative juices flowing. The breathtaking view which once covered the city greets members in its alluring terrace, while its common space is nothing short of serenity. The space is a perfectly outfitted space - complete with calming, minimalist decor and oodles of natural light. Your day-to-day work will be brightened with the sunny vibe from the ceiling-to-floor windows.

Rate: from just S$398 on monthly basis

Location: 59 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059405

WeWork, Beach Road

wework beach road

Fancy working in a workspace that’s oh-so Pinterest-y? Covered with plants all around, cushy couches, bunches of natural light and pastel hues, WeWork looks more like your fantasy house instead of stuffy office space. Be that as it may, what really separates WeWork from the rest of its pack is its thoughtful environment. Most of its seating is ergonomic, overhead lighting is painstakingly adjusted to limit glare and low VOC (low-level dangerous emanations) paints are used on its walls.

Rate: with monthly fee of S$550

Location: 15 Beach Rd, Singapore 189677

Your workday has impacts on nature. Lucky you as there are abundant opportunities to advance sustainability at the workplace and settle on decisions that welcome the earth. Only thing left for you to do is discover your perfect coworking space and grab the chance promptly!

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Regardless of who we are, we all need nature, the Mother of all Therapies. Ask yourself; are you now busy or productive busy? It's now time to reflect and switch to work smarter rather than simply work harder! Lift up your eyes and relish yourself with the spectacular views that surround us. Remember that nature is the great restorer.

new office space in singapore

It's time for a new transformation. Switch to a better workplace that encourages you to work happily, efficiently, and profitably! If you find it hard to figure out which space to choose, speak to our Space Expert Yaamanni by emailing her at coordinator.sg@flyspaces.comShe will delightedly deliver you the best office space options for you and your team to choose from across Singapore!


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