Workplace Wellness and Active Lifestyle in Coworking Spaces

Aug 24, 2018 6:28:53 PM / by Michael Wu Gunawan posted in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Coworking Space, work-life balance, coworking perks, Active Lifestyle, Workplace Wellness, flexible workspaces, industry insights


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Core Collective, Singapore

The link between employee wellness and productivity may not come as a surprise to most of us. After all this is a topic that has been extensively discussed (with scientific evidence) in the last decade. Significant aspects of employee wellness is achieved through regular exercise and a healthy diet. Aside from the obvious physical gains, there are also a whole range of cognitive benefits that can be gained by simply integrating exercise into your daily routines. 

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The Coolest Perks in Coworking Spaces

Aug 8, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Suvi Hoikka posted in Coworking Space, Coworking, coworking perks, perks, flexible workspaces


 Brooklyn Boulders, Somerville, Massachusetts

From game rooms, sleeping pods, child care services, and discounts for workout classes, coworking spaces are constantly finding ways to attract, and ultimately retain, new members.

Operators all over the world are upping the game by including cool perks as part of their membership packages. WOTSO WorkSpace in Australia offers foosball, ping pong tables, free beer (cold of course), childcare, and they're dog friendly. London saw the addition of free prosecco on tap at one of WeWork’s spaces, and for those of you who want to break a sweat, Brooklyn Boulders has on-site rock climbing walls.

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