The Most Accessible Offices in Jakarta with the MRT

Mar 22, 2019 5:32:59 PM / by Michael Wu Gunawan posted in Jakarta, Coworking Space, serviced office, flexible workspaces, MRT Jakarta, commute


The wait is (almost) over! After 6 (grueling) years of constructing the MRT - a project that began in 2013, Jakarta is finally ready to launch their first major transportation breakthrough. Inhabiting approximately 30 million people, (Greater) Jakarta is the most populous city in Southeast Asia and a solution to the infamous traffic honestly could not come any sooner. With the option of taking the MRT, the road along the main commercial areas where the restaurants and shopping malls are would be less congested. The MRT route is set to also include major business districts in the city meaning many offices buildings around the area will receive that much needed accessibility, easing the everyday commuters journey to and from the the workplace.

This article will discuss in detail about the MRT as well as top serviced offices and coworking spaces that will benefit from it.

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