Remote Working: Doing it the Right Way!

May 25, 2018 6:14:17 PM / by Michael Wu Gunawan posted in Jakarta, Coworking Space, conference, work-life balance, remote working, Passport, Workplace flexibility, workspace environment, bali, industry insights

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Dojo Bali, Canggu

Remote working, or telecommuting, has become all the rage in recent years - with an increasing number of companies and employees embracing remote working culture. A 2017 Survey indicates that 52 percent of employees in US work remotely at least once per week. In another Survey conducted by Upwork, it's predicted that 38 percent of permanent, full-time employees will adopt remote working in the next 10 years.

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Achieve Ultimate Workplace Flexibility in Jakarta

Mar 16, 2018 5:17:43 PM / by Suvi Hoikka posted in Jakarta, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Passport, Workplace flexibility, flexible workspaces


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Rework, Sudirman

As the largest city in Southeast Asia without a proper public transportation system, Jakarta is notorious for having one of the world’s worst traffic situations (let’s not even get into rush hour traffic). In fact a survey conducted by JakartaPost found that Jakartans waste 22 days in traffic per year. That’s almost the whole month of February or nearly 3 weeks that could have been spent relaxing by the beach in Bali. So what’s the solution?

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