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Which Coworking Spaces Across Singapore Will You Fit Into?

Coworking is simply putting your pants on, grabbing your laptop, leaving the procrastination‐hole you call your home‐office behind and proceeding onward to a proactive environment. It's where you are encompassed by individuals, Wi‐Fi, and coffee. It's where you get propelled by the mere presence of efficiency and your social network is real! It’s teaching, learning, and sharing. In brief, it's where ideas go to grow and dreams go to become reality.

At coworking spaces, everybody works freely. They have comparative qualities and are inspired by the cooperative energy and potential business openings they co-build when working close by one another. Coworking turned into the answer for the issue of isolation, loneliness, and distractions that freelancers often experience when working at home.

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Today, coworking is flourishing in numerous shapes and sizes. In this post, we'll go over some of the different types of coworking spaces in Singapore - so you can find one that fits you best:

Lifestyle Coworking

justco, robinson road

JustCo integrates eateries, workspaces, as well as a fun environment providing the perfect gateway for the workaholic.

Coworking is not just about work, it's a lifestyle! These are the coworking spaces that adopt an all-encompassing strategy to work: incorporating work-life balance into the workspace. The space place a strong emphasis on the furnishings, lighting, stylistic layout, as well as leisure areas, such as gaming rooms or nap rooms. Working in one of these lifestyle coworking spaces also brings you different perks such as free classes, events, and even discounts at eateries, gym, and travel. 

Conventional Coworking

wework, beach center

WeWork loves to maintain their community engagement through their weekly events in the space as a way to cultivate oneness amongst its members.

Coworking isn't just about the physical space, it's also about setting up a network. They select and pick organizations that would flourish together, have a clicked synergy and capacity to work together on current and future projects. Their point is to be the center from which your business can endure and develop.

Niche Coworking


Niche coworking spaces unite businesses from similar industries to make a greenhouse for ideas and business opportunities. Working cooperatively in comparable fields, companies can share thoughts quickly and form partnerships. These spaces are also able to educate and move the network with points that are applicable to them. Apart from a niche industry, there are also coworking spaces which offer tailored services such as legal advice or 3D printers for design startups.

Professional Coworking

the great room

The Great Room has a posh drawing room for receiving clients, prospects, and guests.

For those who desire an office with a more corporate feel, professional coworking spaces are the ones for you - put your best foot forward when you bring in customers and prospects. The design of these workspaces is specifically composed for heads-down work. Mostly they're made up of ergonomic furniture and great lighting. The reception is slick and clean. The community committee is friendly and proficient. The pantry is fully supplied with coffee, tea, and bites. Members are never short of plush sofas, calm nooks for discussions, and well-designed meeting rooms for gainful discourses and gatherings.

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Open Coworking


ClubCo is one example of an open-concept coworking space, in fact it even opens their spaces to non-members. 

This type of coworking space is for everyone who enjoys the Starbucks-vibe minus the work-disrupting distractions! It is intended to be open, comprehensive, and synergistic. The spaces are carved out with hot desks, dedicated working areas, and private offices to cater a wide range of businesses. Basically, it is nothing like your run-of-the-mill office space. 

If you're in doubt of yourself in matching which kind of coworking space will be a perfect fit for you and your business, our local Space Experts are happy to help. Just reach out to them at coordinator.sg@flyspaces.com

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