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Coworking in Bali: When You Need Endless Summer

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As an Indonesian, I am always cheerful when August rolls around the corner. But that also means that summer is almost over, and will comes the cold and dreary days to ruin your mood. Don’t you sometimes wish summer could go on forever? Well, in Bali it is always warm and cheerful like summer! We also happen to just have the coworking places you need to see if you’re planning to move and/or work there. So get your plane tickets ready; let’s cowork with style in Bali.

Coworking Scene in Bali

Bali is located on the archipelago that is Indonesia. Deemed as one of the most popular locations on the country, the island has attracted many foreigners and locals alike for its warm and sunny days, rolling waves on the beach, and not to mention their rich culture and spectacular landscapes across the land. With that, lots of entrepreneurs and businessmen, as well as digital nomads from all over the world visit Bali often. This is why coworking providers have been growing exponentially in this area.

Just like coworking everywhere, providers in Bali have housed a variety of businesses in their venues, all the while encouraging work-life balance. However, since it is more desirable to be in a relaxed environment when working there, most offer features that are usually not found in more metropolitan cities like Jakarta and Surabaya. For example, pools for after or even during focus hours, juice bars, regular daily yoga classes, so on and so forth. Some provide open-aired meeting rooms, bungalows for coworking areas, and many more. In these spaces, sharing knowledge and network with others is and can be more fun!

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In this list, I’m going to take you to six examples of coworking places in Bali that might be your cup of tea. They are also, by total coincidence, our partner providers! Should you be interested in any of them, contact our Space Expert ASAP, or fill in the form down below. Now, let’s see what Bali has to offer for coworking!


biliq bali coworking

‘Hey I want to dip my feet in the water, but I also need to work with my laptop today…’ If you ever think this, Biliq have just got the thing for you. Their coworking space is designed to make you feel more relaxed, but still productive. As for the feet in water thing, they specifically have a special pool to do just that! Not to mention, they are also equipped with their amenities such as projectors and TV screens for meetings, high speed Wi Fi access, and many more for all your professional needs.

HUB Bali

hub bali coworking

If you need an open space with natural lighting and a pool view, you might want to consider HUB Bali. With two locations in Legian and Kuta, this coworking provider creates a relaxed yet productive type of environment. On top of that, you can enjoy the swimming pool right after your work then enjoy a cup of coffee. The cherry on top, HUB Bali is accessible 24/7, so no matter when you are in need to be productive, a warm seat is always available there.

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marquee bali meeting room

Confused that you need to have a semi-formal meeting, or even full-on formal meeting in Bali? Not to worry, because Marquee can help you! With their event space, you can be guaranteed to impress your guest at any occasion. Their open area concept lets in sunlight for natural lighting so your event would be always overlooking the lush gardens of the surrounding. They also offer private office services, so should you be tempted to stay, Marquee would always have a seat for you.

Cekindo Business Center


A hop away from the world famous Kuta Beach lays Cekindo Business Center. In this venue, expect to feel pro without sacrificing the stunning view of Bali and their relaxed environment. If you are a foreign companies from all over or a startup from a local company, they have the space just for you! Every amenity is all in business grade quality, too. With full amenities for all of your office needs, it would feel like you’re just transporting your workspace to Bali!

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Livit Hub

livit hub bali coworking

There once was a factory, and said factory now has been turned into a stunning and innovative workspace. That is not a fairytale, it’s Livit Hub! You can expect beautiful coworking space within a 4-story space that is perfect for you and your team to work in paradise. With a selection of seating, Skype rooms, and more amenities that you would need to be productive, Livit Hub is there to amp up good vibes for your business. 

Tropical Nomad

tropical nomad bali coworking

Considerably the most picturesque from this list, Tropical Nomad provides meeting and conference room for digital nomads and professionals alike. Their bungalows and open-aired spaces offers a unique sense of professionalism on vacation vibe. Should you need to splash around after work, no problem! The beach is only 15 minutes away from this beautiful venue, so you can network, be productive and get everything done and on sunset enjoy the beautiful scene all on the same day.

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There you have it! Six amazing places you can find in Bali for your next coworking space, meeting room, or even private office. So the next time your colleagues complain about summer’s ending, you can always say: ‘Can’t relate. It’s always summer in Bali!’

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