8 August 2017 Suvi Hoikka

The Coolest Perks in Coworking Spaces

 brookyln boulders somerville coworking space flyspacesBrooklyn Boulders, Somerville, Massachusetts

From game rooms, sleeping pods, child care services, and discounts for workout classes, coworking spaces are constantly finding ways to attract, and ultimately retain, new members.

Operators all over the world are upping the game by including cool perks as part of their membership packages. WOTSO WorkSpace in Australia offers foosball, ping pong tables, free beer (cold of course), childcare, and they're dog friendly. London saw the addition of free prosecco on tap at one of WeWork’s spaces, and for those of you who want to break a sweat, Brooklyn Boulders has on-site rock climbing walls.

Similar perks have begun to pop up in spaces across Southeast Asia, and we’ve compiled a short list of some of our favorite, and some of the coolest perks in coworking spaces.


outpost bali coworking space

In one of the top travel destinations in the world, Outpost - digital nomads take note - is the ideal spot for those who want to get some work done whilst on holiday. Not only do they offer a great place to work, they have added amenities that may make you consider staying there on a more permanent basis.

They have an in-house masseuse, and have partnered with Bali Spirit Hotel & Spa to give members access to swimming pools surrounded by lush jungle.


wework hong kong coworking space flyspacesWeWork, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

As one of the big names in the coworking world, it’s a given that WeWork has some great perks for its members. Each membership gives you access to any of their spaces worldwide, as well as access to 250+ perks from their partners, which include GuavaPass, Headspace, The Excelsior, etc.

And of course, they have free draught beer to help you wind down at the end of a busy week, or even just for that mid-week pick-me-up.


Working parents fret no more. Trehaus provides its members with an array of childcare services so you never have to stress about finding a babysitter. There’s a reading nook, art and mess corner, pretend play corner, infanthaus (a soft play mat area for infants), meals corner, and sleeping area, that will keep the kids busy while you get some work done.


Not only is this a cool space to work out of, it offers a whole list of perks for its members. They’ve got massage chairs, a games room, an exercise room, sleeping pods (intended for siestas, so no sneaky sleepovers), free snacks, and not just filtered water, but fruit water as well. They also offer members various perks at neighborhood spots, such as childcare, yoga studios, personal training gyms, etc.

These are just a handful of the coworking spaces in the region that offer their members cool perks. So if you want to achieve that coveted work-life balance then look no further - our Space Experts can help you find your perfect coworking space today.


First published August 8, 2017. Last updated August 9, 2018


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