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Tips for Startups from Startup Founders

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Everybody has probably read blogs all about how to grow your startup and businesses in Forbes or Medium, and if you have too, good for you! That means you are serious when you quit your 9 to 5 job for this passion of yours. The problem is, they always seem like the same old sayings recycled through time and time again. Also, most of us here at FlySpaces, don't have our own businesses, because we are busy finding everyone the best flexible workspace options. So instead of repeating what has been said before, we got in touch with several millennial startups and business owners to share their tips on growing their successful startups and businesses, so you know it works!

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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail - Sesarius Egi Budiman from Psi.Laser

Is my advice a bit cliche? Of course it is. But it is the truest of advice I could give. Planning in advance is extremely important if you want your business to succeed. The human brain can only remember so much, so a journal (and an assistant if you’re lucky) would be a great help to be a reminder for tasks at hand. Instead of taking decisions on the spot because you forgot something’s needed to be done, plan everything monthly in advance so all you have to do is sail by and follow your well-thought out plan.

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Fill In Needs - BP from KochiKochi Koffee

Did you notice the trend with sustainable businesses? They all fill in needs in some way or form. Take Gojek for example; if you look closely, all they did is trying to answer all the problems that the market is currently having. Find what people are missing in their lives, or what can be improved on by using your products and services before starting a business. Once you do that, you are set to go for long-term success!

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Be Consistent - Natalia Vanessa from Pelangi Cake

Making a startup or any kind of business is too easy these days. It is keeping it consistent that is hard and can be a real problem. Think about it; since it is a breeze to make one, the market is heavily saturated with millions of people like yourselves, making said market to be very competitive. The moment you forgot to promote or post and not be consistent, your business will die off very soon. So I know it is challenging, but keep posting on social media about your product, promotions, and engage with your potential customers and audience regularly.

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Asset vs Liabilities - Dipo Dirgantara from Dirgantara Creation

Many business owners know how to sell, but the successful ones know their finances like the back of their hands. The grind is not always just about getting the biggest turnover and selling the most products. Having a great idea and grasp of finance is also crucial when creating our own business. With financial data, we can optimize plans for the future, correct past mistakes, and handle problems in the present without guessing. Is it tedious? Very. But keep your checkbook in line and your finance tight; your future self will thank you later.

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Make It Online - Raynaldo from Gifuto Soba

If you have not been living under a rock, everything is online nowadays. From food to travel to literally anything we can think off, the internet houses all the services any human could want today. It is then a good idea for you to think about your business to go online. Have any old ideas that fails in the past? Think of it if the business can be integrated with the internet. Maybe put your current businesses in several websites and market it with social medias. Utilize online platform for your advantage as soon as possible.

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Stop Comparing - Irene Valencia from Lait Et Miel Cakery

You must realize by now that your business might not be the most unique, and that’s okay! The one tip to keep in mind is to stop being jealous and comparing yours to others. Everyone and every business has their own ways, so it is much better to focus on your own instead of weighing yourself to others. Ditch the unneeded stress, keep strong, and be productive on your business instead!

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Have you taken notes? So get out there and get your business off the ground. Remember one thing, failure only builds your business further and make you a future successful entrepreneur!


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