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What to Expect On Your First Day in a Coworking Space

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People may have heard of coworking spaces and their many benefits. But does anyone really know how your day will go when you work in one, especially when you've never stepped into one before?

Personally, I myself admit that I didn't know much about these kind of workplaces before. I never had any single chance in my life to be in such places before I joined FlySpaces (thanks boss for hiring me anyway). It has opened my mind and my eyes to see things in a new perspective, give me fresh vibes on my new journey to jump start my career life.

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As a first timer of a member in a coworking space, of course I was lost. I didn't know anybody, and was a little bit afraid on how to start my work.

Reminiscing back to my first day at school when I was just at the beginning to learn and experience new things in a new environment. There were so many questions spinning around my head. Where's the toilet? Where to have lunch? Who do I make friends with here? Where do I sit? Can I take phone calls? Where is the coffee? Is it free or does it come with a price? Will anybody talk to me or notice I'm here? And it goes on and on, unendingly.

If you're about to experience the same moment as I did, let me help you. Here's my experience and hopefully it'll help you be more prepared on your upcoming first day in a coworking space!

Check The Location

So you should do precise research on the place itself. Whether it is accessible to public transport nearby or how much the daily parking rate of the building is. You should Waze the space from your place for you to plan on what time you should go out from home to reach there right on time. Avoid rushing to the office as it might inject some negativity on your first day of working in a new place.

Noise Level

It's a shared space, so you aren't the only one in the space, thus do expect that it will be not as quiet as your college library. If you're listening to music, put on your headphone and keep it turned down. Also, consider putting your phone on silent so that it isn't obnoxiously notifying everyone when you get an incoming call. Another thing to remember is that there will be music being played by the space operators near the breakout area or in the shared coworking areas. So if you prefer to be in silence, this would be another time to bring out your headphones, even if it's just to silence the surrounding noise.

Friendly Community Vibe

There's nothing to be scared about coming to work in a new place without knowing anyone. In coworking, most of the members and staff tend to be approachable and friendly. Coworking space holds a working environment with the basis of collaboration and sharing thoughts. It energizes connection and conversations that can prompt new ideas and ventures. No more need to attend the networking events as it will naturally happen in this workplace, but those events are there to create even more opportunities for interacting with your fellow members.

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Free-flow Light Refreshments

Without coffee and some snacks, we would witness a decline in our productivity at office, right? It keeps us awake and alert, plus, the coffee aroma can also reduce sleep-deprived stress. The pantry is stocked with coffees, teas, sugars, and some snacks. Just help yourself. You're welcome to eat and drink on your work desk!

Conference Room

In the case that you'll be conducting a meeting with clients or colleagues, worry not. Once you're a member of the coworking space, you'll be entitled to utilize the meeting room for free or have an allotted number of hours per month that you have free access, after which you'll be charged per use. Of course, members will usually have discounted rates to use the rooms as opposed to non-members coming in to rent the meeting room.

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If you need more assistance in finding your perfect coworking space in your city, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we're happy to help you to find the best flexible workspaces across Southeast Asia! And if you did have any further questions on what it's actually like to work in a coworking space, just leave it in the comments below and I'll answer as best I can!


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