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Why Big Companies Choose Coworking

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Does this sound familiar? You enter your office with your employees in it, only finding them uninspired on a Monday. There is no interaction, no engaging conversations, no sparks of creativity that your office once had. Well, imagine what some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Microsoft, IBM, and even HSBC, have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. This is why these and others like them choose to work in coworking spaces.

Jolting Creativity

co3 social office puchon coworkingCo3 Social Office, Puchon

If dealing with the lack of luster in your brainstorm meeting is what you do on a weekly basis, working in coworking spaces might just be the solution. Sometimes even some of the largest companies and industrial giants, like Uber and Instagram, need not only a spark, but a jolt of brand new creativity to up their game in the even more modern era, and coworking spaces are providing them just that.

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Dealing with Millennials

When it comes to a generation, the best way to get them to buy whatever you are selling is to get into their mindset. What could be more true about these working spaces! It is an essentially more relaxed but still professional setting, the seating options are switchable depending on the mood and type of work being done, and the interior is beautiful without spending a fortune. Old players in the game can really benefit the youngsters’ psyche and to know what they would want and need to do market capitalization, hence coworking space.

Easy Talent Pickings

Kolega Primedge Meeting Room

Kolega Primedge SCBD

Ever visit one of these cool spaces? Then you must know that they are filled up to the brim with wide-eyed ingenue eager to learn, or savvy skilled professionals with hip and modern perspective. This crowd could be desirable for companies because they can be a resource pool in talent scouting. All they have to do is ask the coworking space to post an opening in the venue and applications will start to pour in. At the very least, the friend of a friend of that crowd would be notified, which would be a plus too.

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Cost Effective

settlements coworking space penangSettlements Coworking Penang

They save your company money, without a doubt. Regardless of all the amenities, coworking spaces offer cheaper options than traditional office spaces would. Not only that, the term of lease with this option is also very flexible and adjustable. If your company is growing too fast and making too much money than projected, it won't be a problem, because you can adjust and reevaluate your needs easier with coworking spaces.

Happier Employees

the co singaporeThe Co., Singapore

Benefits upon benefits upon benefits can be enjoyed once your company is part of a coworking space. Instead of cashing out on expensive party that you need to hold yourself, join a networking meeting that is hosted by the space. Need to be more active whilst living in the big city? Several coworking spaces offers health classes, sometimes even massages and spa treatments. Honestly, think about your employees, your colleagues who help you achieve your goals and by extension, happiness. Wouldn’t you care about theirs?

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Now you see why mega corporations are opting to work in such places. With all of this in mind, working in a coworking space does not guarantee 100% boost of success. But if these big companies trust their business to be run here, there is no reason for you not to as well.

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