21 October 2015 Suvi Hoikka

This is Why Manila Has Such Amazing Venues

Manila is arguably the most prominent place in the Philippines when it comes to social and business events. Foreigners and locals alike point to Manila as the first stop for anyone who wants to learn about the Philippines. To clarify, though, Manila here refers to the entire Metro Manila region, which includes the Philippine capital Manila City and other well-known cities such as Makati, Quezon, Pasig, Taguig, Pasay, and Parañaque.

Manila is dotted with a multitude of great spaces that will likely appeal to anyone who is planning to rent a venue for whatever purpose. In fact, these venues tend to be more preferable and valuable compared to others located outside the metro. While it’s true that these venues become more preferable because of the simple fact that they are in Manila, there are other reasons why they are amazing.


You can find a suitable venue in eclectic neighborhoods like Bel Air in Makati. The Open Space in Makati is an excellent choice for various types of events with a notably “blank canvas” look. If you need a venue for a small gathering, you can easily find great options around Metro Manila even in affluent places where you think venues are only for grand or high-end functions. What’s even greater is that the rates are relatively low for the location. There are many other similar venues in Manila. You just have to exert some effort looking for them.

You can go directly from business to fun. Who says you have to waste precious time going somewhere far just to have a great venue for fun social activities if you are in the Makati Central Business District, you can have your party, art exhibit, fashion show, concert, or other non-business affair in many locations across Makati and other major cities of Manila. There are options for small intimate occasions to large affairs attended by hundreds or thousands of persons. The Green Sun party venue in Makati is a good option to consider.

You can immerse in art and technology while holding your event. Manila has a number of themed venues that can enhance your event. There are function rooms beside or surrounded by spaces that can readily serve as art galleries with which you can plan the setup of your event. There are also venues that already come with modern equipment to make sure that your event has excellent lighting, professional acoustics, and convenient presentation tools. There are many other themed venues you can find to create a distinctive appeal for your event.

Contemporary is not boring and easily fits varying preferences. The word contemporary is often loosely used but in the context of Manila event spaces, this word means something wide-ranging. Contemporary Manila venues widely vary in styles and are easy to customize to suit specific needs. The furniture and furnishings are usually easy to rearrange. The overall structures are neutral so themed decorating will not be difficult. Moreover, most Manila venues labeled as contemporary already come with almost all modern conveniences from the Wi-Fi Internet to the professional sound and audio.

Unusual is not ridiculous. If you are looking for unusual spaces to hold your special events, Manila will not disappoint. However, you can be assured that these unique venues are not shocking and ridiculous. Unusual Manila wedding venues, for example, only include bonsai gardens, ocean parks or aquariums, spaces with yachts in the background, or a museum with interactive exhibits. They are bound to be memorable but they usually don’t aim to shock guests.

You can always make sure that food will be great. For events that need to have food served, many Manila venues offer catering services. Those that don’t offer the service can tie up with catering service providers to provide a convenient package to customers. The great thing about these catering solutions is that it’s easy to negotiate with the venue providers to arrange for taste tests or to have customized menus. If you feel unsure about the food, you can always choose to directly or largely be part of the preparation. The venue providers are very unlikely to mind it.

HOSPITALITY. Best of all, you can expect Filipino hospitality to manifest in all of these venues. Well, there will be some isolated cases of deviance from this renowned Filipino trait but most of the time, the venues are run by accommodating staff who are always eager to provide excellent service.

The Manila events scene may not be comparable to what can be observed in major cities in other parts of the world but when it comes to ingenuity and service, you can expect something that will not disappoint. Just be sure to do your research properly to find the best venue for your event. FlySpaces has compiled a growing collection of venues, function rooms, and events places you can choose from. Find all the information you need and quickly contact the space provider or arrange the rental through our site


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